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How is Foot Care Done?

May 26, 2023

Ayak Bak─▒m─▒ Nas─▒l Yap─▒l─▒r

Our feet, which take all the weight of our body and are closed in shoes during the day, are the parts of our body that need the most care.

However, when it comes to foot care, we are negligent and only remember our feet in the summer months. However, foot care should be done not only to have a more pleasant appearance in the summer months when open shoes are worn, but also to have healthier and well-groomed feet in every season.

ÔÇťHow to care for feet?ÔÇŁ and ÔÇťHow should foot care be?ÔÇŁ We have answered such questions in detail in our article!


Why is Foot Care Important?

Well-groomed feet are indispensable for a pleasant and attractive appearance. However, foot care is very important not only visually, but also in terms of health. When you neglect foot care, you may encounter many problems that reduce the quality of life such as heel hardening, cracks, ingrown toenails and nail deformation.


How to Do Foot Care at Home?

You may find it difficult to allocate enough time for foot care due to the hectic pace of life. However, you do not need to go to beauty salons to perform foot care! You can also do foot care at home by using the right techniques and appropriate products.

So, how to do foot care at home? Foot care applications at home are quite comprehensive and detailed. But don't let that scare you! With the appropriate care products, tools and techniques, you can perform a detailed foot care.

Within the scope of foot care, you can apply pedicure, peeling, moisturizing, massage and even a foot mask at home. You need to choose which products and techniques you will apply according to the needs of your feet. Apart from all these, the indispensable part of foot care is hygiene, therefore foot cleaning.


What Methods Can Be Used for Foot Cleaning?

Foot care starts with foot cleaning. However, foot cleaning is not just washing the feet. Foot cleaning is also the stage of preparing the feet for care. At this point, then ÔÇťHow to clean feet?ÔÇŁ You may ask. For this, you must keep your feet in hot water after washing them.

Your feet, waiting in hot water, are both completely free of dirt and become soft and ready for care. The water you prepare for your feet also softens the nails and cuticles, making it easier to do a pedicure, which is one of the stages of foot care.

You can turn the water you use while cleaning and preparing the feet into foot care water by adding useful essential oils. Thus, you can start foot care at the cleaning stage. For example, while preparing pedicure water at home, you can use Alfheim Lavender Essential Oil, which attracts attention with its antibacterial and relaxing properties, with a few drops, and you can both perform perfect foot hygiene and relieve the tiredness of the day.


How To Take Toe Nail Care?

Toenail care is one of the most important and important stages of foot care. When doing toenail care at home, you should pay particular attention to nail cutting. Nail cutting, which is often overlooked, can cause problems such as ingrown if not performed correctly. To avoid such a problem, we recommend cutting your toenails straight.

After cutting, you can smooth the rough parts of your nails with the help of a nail file. Then you can push back the softened cuticles and cut the excess. However, in order to avoid a negative situation, you should be careful not to cut the cuticles too deeply.

One of the things you should pay attention to is the tools you use during nail care. We recommend you to use pedicure tools specially produced for toenails in order to perform both hygiene and proper care.


How to Care for Worn Feet?

Feet are prone to dryness as they stay in shoes all day long. The feet, which dry out due to moisture loss, thicken over time and begin to crack. The way to prevent this condition, which causes a worn-out foot appearance, is to do regular foot care.

It is necessary to use especially intense moisturizers for the care of worn feet. In addition to moisturizing creams, you can choose moisturizing foot masks to prevent or reduce wear.

Apart from moisturizing, removing dead skin cells from the feet is also among the things to be done for worn foot care. For this, you can use the Alfheim Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub exfoliating product enriched with ground coffee beans, hemp seeds, orange peel, melon seeds, grape seed oils and vitamin E. By applying the product with circular movements to your feet as well as your whole body, you can get rid of dead skin and moisturize your skin at the same time.


How to Soften Hard Heels?

The heel parts of the feet are worn the most. Heels that dry, harden and crack as a result need to be softened. ÔÇťWell, how to soften hard heels?ÔÇŁ We seem to hear what you say.

In order to soften hard heels, the primary product you should use while cleaning heel at home is peeling creams. However, just peeling may not be enough, as heel hardening occurs quite thickly. In addition to the peeling product, we recommend using a pumice stone or heel file.


How to Remove Yellowing of Shoe Soles?

If the insoles of your newly purchased shoes turn yellow in a short time, you may be experiencing a sweaty foot problem. Therefore, you need to find a solution to the sweating problem in order to prevent yellowing of the soles of the shoes.

If you see a specialist doctor to find a solution to excessive sweating of your feet, but no problem is detected, you can get help from herbal methods. For this, you can prepare a bath that helps prevent sweating for your feet by adding essential oils such as sage, lemon, chamomile and thyme to warm water.


Which Natural Ingredients Can Be Used for Foot Care?

Just like in general skin care, it is very important to choose natural, additive-free and pure products in foot care. You can use essential and fixed oils obtained from flowers, seeds and seeds of plants for natural foot care. You can use aromatherapy oils that offer solutions for different problems in a foot bath, or you can use them while making a foot mask, moisturizing your feet and massaging your feet.


What Are the Best Creams to Use for Home Foot Care?

ÔÇťWhat should be done for foot care?ÔÇŁ The most important answer to the question is humidification. We often skip our feet while moisturizing our entire body. However, the parts of our body that dries the most and therefore need the most moisture are our feet. For this, you must include moisturizing creams and foot care.

Foot care creams can create solutions for different problems by nourishing the skin as well as moisturizing. The creams that nourish and moisturize the skin in the most ideal way are natural and vegetable oils.

Alfheim Aromatherapy carries the miracle of nature to your feet as well as your skin with the essential and fixed oils it offers. Thanks to Alfheim Aromatherapy oils, which are completely pure, additive-free and herbal, you can perform a complete and perfect foot care.

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