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The first step of hair care is cleaning the hair. Therefore, shampoo is an indispensable product of hair care. The content of shampoos that come into direct contact with the scalp is of great importance. Chemical-containing products provide cleaning and softening of the hair and scalp; On the other hand, due to the harmful components they contain, they can cause long-term deterioration of hair health and skin and skin problems. Even if there is no visible effect, the use of chemical-containing products creates negative effects in all areas of human health. In order to prevent this situation, it is useful to prefer products with natural ingredients as much as possible. Especially when choosing a shampoo that comes into direct contact with the skin, your preference should be for shampoo alternatives with clean ingredients. Natural shampoo types produced for different hair types get their strength from nature instead of chemicals. Alfheim shampoos with natural ingredients, consisting of medicinal plant extracts, fragrant essences, and extracts that nourish the scalp, are also rich in vitamins and minerals. With chemical-free shampoos; When you have healthy and natural looking hair, you feel better and safer. With the most natural shampoo options, you can protect your hair health at the maximum level; You can feel the peace and comfort of nature in your hair.

Natural Herbal Shampoo Types

Among the natural herbal shampoos, there are standard products that are both supplemented with various oils and that you can use as a base. These blends of almond oil and vitamin E strengthen the scalp. You can have brighter and more glamorous hair with natural shampoos in the form of a base, where you can add the essential oil you want. Base shampoos that you can enrich with essential oils such as tea tree, rosemary, lavender, jojoba, argan and ylang yang are also suitable to be mixed with some carrier oils. The power of garlic is often used in anti-hair loss natural herbal shampoos. Known for its strengthening and nourishing effect for all hair types, argan oil is also found in many herbal shampoos. Natural sugar cane extract, which contains various vitamins and minerals, is used to increase the shine of the hair. Another source with the same function is fresh lemon peel. You can often come across walnut extract in natural herbal shampoos. Thanks to the antibacterial ingredients that are extremely effective on dry and dandruff hair, it can increase the number of beneficial microorganisms on your scalp; You can balance the microflora of your hair. After washing your hair with natural herbal shampoos, it is important to complete your hair care ritual with products with natural ingredients. Providing service in the field of hair and personal care with its rich product range, Alfheim; You can also check out other care products along with shampoos.

Natural Content Shampoo Prices

Clean content shampoo prices vary depending on product features. Factors such as components, weight, packaging and brand in the content of shampoos determine the price. Alfheim natural hair shampoo varieties; It has effective formulas that will allow you to solve your hair problems in the most organic way with plant, fruit and flower extracts. In shampoo types with chemical content, the cost is reduced due to the artificial nature of the raw material, the easy availability and the fabrication of the products. Therefore, the selling price is also more affordable. However, the cost of healing from nature is priceless. The most organic and beneficial extracts used as raw materials; It nourishes your hair deeply. For this reason, looking only at the price in shampoo shopping; It is not a correct approach in terms of hair health and natural life. When evaluated in terms of price / performance, natural shampoos that eliminate the worries you feel when using chemical products are a product group that you can use with peace of mind. Inspired by nature, these shampoos make you feel more special. Although they are offered for sale at higher prices than standard shampoos, you can have Alfheim shampoos with natural ingredients at more affordable prices than ever, thanks to periodic campaigns and promotions.

Chemical-Free Shampoo Types are at Alfheim Aromatherapy!

Alfheim, which has gained the trust of those who care about self-care with its natural shampoos and care products; Thanks to its organic content, it makes you feel more peaceful while doing your personal care. Shampoos that give you the pleasure of spa at home with the effect of aromatic essential oils not only strengthen your hair, but also become your source of motivation and energy in daily life. Thanks to its special formulas with natural ingredients, you will feel that you value yourself. The relaxing effect of natural oils continues throughout the day, both in your hair and in your soul. Each of the Alfheim shampoos with natural ingredients is specially formulated, allowing you to absorb the hair cleaning and care you will make. When natural shampoos, each component of which is planned, come into contact with your skin, you will feel comfortable. If you are looking for a natural solution for your hair and scalp; You can have healthier hair by choosing one of the formulas developed by Alfheim for different hair types. If you want to complete hair care with Alfheim quality; You can take a look at the brand's hair care oil varieties. You can also try Alfheim's products for face and body care, which is not limited to hair. You can make Alfheim personal care products designed for women as well as men and babies a part of your care rituals; In the product range of the brand, you can find quite different product options even for your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shampoos

There may be some points in the minds of users regarding the selection of shampoo and the differentiation of healthy shampoos. If users wonder about shampoos; We have compiled some frequently asked questions and answers for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by shampoo users regarding this product line:

How to choose shampoo suitable for hair type?

In order to choose the right shampoo for your hair type, you need to know the structure of your hair. Your hair can be thin, thick, lush, sparse, dry, oily, normal. In terms of appearance, you can have different hair types such as straight, wavy, curly. In addition to these, your hair may be dull and worn. If you have had applications such as dye, highlight, perm, you may need to choose from formulas developed for damaged hair . Considering all these criteria, you can analyze the character of your hair; You can choose the most suitable shampoo for your hair. Your hair type and hair problems should guide you in choosing a shampoo.

What should be considered when buying shampoo?

Choosing a shampoo suitable for your hair type is the most important point you should pay attention to. Among the shampoos that are effective against dandruff, oiliness and shedding, you should choose whichever one suits your needs. If you have hair loss problem; To prevent this, you can choose shampoos containing Omega 6 and Omega 9. These ingredients, which strengthen your hair strands, are also recommended for fine hair. If you have dandruff problem; If you have dry hair, you should choose products with moisturizing properties. For dyed, highlighted or high-temperature hair, you can try formulas specially developed for treated hair.

How should a healthy shampoo be?

When choosing a healthy shampoo, you should carefully examine the product content. First of all, it is very important that it does not contain parabens. In addition, sulfate, formaldehyde, achlorophene and phthalates are components that tend to irritate the scalp. It is not healthy to prefer shampoos that use these substances. Natural plant extracts are used in many products that are among the natural shampoo recommendations. For fragrance and aroma, natural plant and flower essences are used instead of artificial chemicals. For your health, you can choose shampoos with high cleaning performance, pleasant smell and chemical-free shampoos. With natural shampoos, you can have healthier and more vibrant hair; You can apply a special care to your skin with aromatherapy oils.

How should shampoo be used?

One of the things to consider when using shampoo is the temperature of the water. Extremely hot water causes your hair to dry out. It is recommended to shampoo your hair with warm or cold water. You can start to apply the shampoo that you will take in your hand, which corresponds to a quarter of your palm, to your hair roots. When you feed the shampoo with circular movements; At the same time, you will be massaging your scalp. Thus, blood flow in these areas accelerates. With this application, which you will do for about twenty seconds, you can ensure that the shampoo reaches every part of your hair. Instead of shampooing twice in a row, it is recommended to shampoo your hair properly once. You can use base shampoos with natural ingredients while bathing by adding an essential oil you like. Care should be taken not to apply shampoos to sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

If you want to have shiny and lively hair; With Alfheim, it is possible to get your hair to the look you want by staying away from chemicals! You can also have Alfheim natural shampoo varieties, where you will feel that natural ingredients give life to your hair from the first wash. Immediately determine the shampoo suitable for your hair type; add it to your cart! Experience the happiness of bringing your hair to the shape you want with the power of nature!