Natural Soaps

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Soap is the oldest and most used hygiene tool in the world. The use of soap, which has a history of 5000 years, is the most important assistant in providing the purification and hygiene that the human body needs. The soap, which is basically obtained by combining animal and vegetable oils and alkaline caustic soda or soda water, helps to purify the skin's own oil and external dirt. Herbal soap formula, also known as natural bar soap, has now been replaced by chemical products that contain chemical surfactant detergents and are not actually soap. These soaps, which contain detergents that provide stronger and deeper hygiene, have been industrialized and become widespread as a natural soap alternative.

Natural Soap Types

Today, soaps produced on the basis of vegetable oil have found their place in Marseille, France, in the modern sense. The properties of Marseille soap, produced in accordance with the law, have been standardized and gained popularity, especially with the use of olive oil and fragrant essential oils. As the oils used in making natural soap diversified, natural soap varieties and natural soap brands increased, and the use of soap became widespread.

Detergent-containing products, developed since the early 1900s, took the place of soap for a period, and were used instead of soap with their faster, lower cost and harder cleansing properties. Studies conducted today have revealed that these products containing abrasive surfactants disrupt the hydro-lipid layer of the skin and the beneficial bacterial fauna therein, thus damaging the skin cells and immunity.

Soaps made from vegetable oils are ideal for the skin. It supports the upper layer of the skin and its functions. Since it makes the skin alkaline, it prepares a suitable environment for the development of beneficial bacteria.

Natural soap varieties named according to the type of oil used in their ingredients have become popular again today. Those who want healthy and caring hygiene by being protected from the harmful effects of abrasive chemicals have started to be interested in natural soaps again. Among the useful natural soaps, the most frequently used vegetable oils are; olive oil, palm oil, sunflower oil etc. are natural oils.

What are the Features of Herbal Soap?

The base oil contained in the herbal bar soap prepared with the classical method nourishes, moisturizes and purifies the skin according to its fatty acid profile. In long-term use, it repairs and heals the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, such as chemical soaps. Organic soap, which is evaluated as hand, face and body soap, is formulated and used according to the activity of the base oil. Solid particles such as pumpkin fiber with peeling effect and fruit-plant seeds can be added depending on the area and function where the soaps will be used. Thus, the skin is physically cleared of dead skin and refreshed. Alfheim's Hemp & Pumpkin Fiber exfoliating soap is ideal for this.

Hemp & Pumpkin Fiber Exfoliating Body Soap > Hemp and Pumpkin Fiber Soap, produced on the basis of coconut and sunflower oil, by preserving the traditional Marseille method, moisturizes the skin for the whole body, cleanses it and purifies it with its peeling effect. Round soap provides a comfortable use during bathing. It can be preferred as a cellulite remover and pore tightening soap as it will increase the microcirculation in the skin with its peeling effect. Natural pumpkin fiber soap cleans your skin without drying it and supports the skin for the activation of the horn layer.

It─▒r Flower Purifying Facial Soap > When choosing a soap for the face, you can choose the purifying and suitable It─▒r ├çi├že─či soap for all skin types. This natural soap, which does not contain palm oil, leaves the skin with a clear sense of beauty by smoothing the skin with the elegant pelargonium flower based on coconut and sunflower in its formula.

Sweet Almond Soothing Hand & Body Cream > This soap, which has soothing and moisturizing properties with Sweet Almond oil in its content, is ideal for face care products . It has protective and caring properties in the care and cleaning of old, baby, sensitive and dry skin. With its high vitamin E content, it supports skin metabolism in strengthening the connective tissues of the skin and preventing wrinkles.

What are the Benefits of Natural Facial Soap Types for the Skin?

Soaps containing natural vegetable oil also support the skin in internal and external problems of the skin. Herbal soaps, produced with traditional methods, on the basis of natural and vegetable oils, not only purify the skin, but also support problems such as sensitivity, dryness, irritation, rash, flaking and itching. In traditional use, the benefits of herbal soaps for the skin have been evaluated and natural soaps have been used to solve skin problems.

Soaps produced with vegetable oils can also carry the healing essences of essential oils. Geranium Blossom Purifying Facial Soap soothes the skin thanks to the Geranium flower oil it contains. Geranium oil helps in removing cell damage, skin cracks, acne and acne formation on the skin. It supports beneficial bacterial fauna in the upper layer of the skin. In this way, you will have a more flexible, radiant and lively skin appearance.

Natural Hand and Body Soaps

It is valuable for our skin to prefer natural soaps produced with vegetable oils for hand and body cleaning. Unlike soaps containing abrasive surfactants, natural soaps with soothing and gentle ingredients should be preferred for long-term use. With the Alfheim soap series, which makes the skin softer and more flexible when used frequently, hand, face and body cleaning also turns into a body care routine.

Natural Soap Prices

Chemically abrasive surfactants are less expensive than natural oil-based soaps. However, the skin damage it will cause in long-term use may cost you more. You can choose herbal and natural soaps for both purifying your skin and for long-term natural care and cleaning. Natural and vegetable oil-based soaps are ideal to give our skin the value it deserves, which protects our body from the negative effects of external factors.

Soaps Prepared with 100% Natural Oils Alfheim Aromatherapy!

For those looking for the best soap for the face, wanting to learn about bar soap types and wondering about the prices of natural soaps, discover the Alfheim Soap Series produced with 100% herbal and effective natural oils, preserving traditional methods. The Alfheim Soap series produced in an Italian town on the outskirts of Sacro Monte di Varese by Italian masters who are experts in soap production for the face is waiting for you to be discovered. With Alfheim natural oil-based herbal soaps, your skin cleansing also turns into a deep skin care.

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