Grooming Kits

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Our skin is under the pressure of internal and external effects 24/7. By choosing a care set that will help the skin to cope with these pressures, you can support the metabolism of the skin and accelerate the self-renewal and repair of the skin by fulfilling its youth functions. Negative internal factors; physical and psychological factors such as nutrition, sleep patterns, stress and anxiety. Minimizing negative internal factors for a healthy and youthful looking skin is very important for skin health.

External factors, which are as important as internal factors, are the factors that tire the skin and age over time, such as heat and cold, seasonal changes, make-up, sun damage, which our skin is under pressure every hour and every minute. The personal care set, which will support the skin against external negatives and enable you to have a younger, healthy and well-groomed skin, improves your skin. With the care set, you can take precautions against your skin type and the factors that adversely affect your skin, and renew your skin by removing the damages that have occurred.

Care sets provide an anti-aging effect for your skin. Regardless of your skin type, dry, oily, combination, sensitive or normal, it is possible to provide the care it needs with the natural care set. Repairing and soothing skin care kits can help sensitive and irritated skin to regain its former health. Acne and acne-prone skin can have a smooth and pore-free skin with natural facial care sets. Anti-blemish care sets help the skin against skin blemishes. It regulates the skin structure for a clearer and brighter appearance. You can choose anti-aging care sets for wrinkle and sagging problems due to time and environmental conditions. Matte and dull skin can have a radiant and purified skin with natural skin care sets.

We can find solutions to the problems that our hair, like our skin, face, with hair care sets. Regardless of your hair type, your hair can look healthier and stronger with the right choice of natural hair care kit. The care set for oily and dandruff hair helps regulate sebum secretion and scalp. Dry and shedding hair can have fuller, voluminous and shiny hair with herbal hair care products . People with sensitive scalp can get visible results in preventing sensitivity with soothing and regulating scalp care sets.

Choosing the right skin care kit and hair care kit applications starts with knowing our hair and skin type well and diagnosing the care it needs. After choosing a nourishing and healing care set, you can find solutions to skin and hair problems with regular care routines.

Natural Skin and Hair Care Sets

Choosing the right care sets for your skin type, age and skin needs will accelerate your positive results. Aged and mature skin should prefer fast absorbing and intensely nourishing skin care products. In baby care, baby care products that take care of the delicate structure of the baby's skin and are specially produced for babies should be preferred.

The baby care set, which is prepared with natural ingredients that protect and repair minor damage for sensitive baby skin, can be used for cleaning and skin care of babies. While this care set nourishes the skin with its natural ingredients, it supports the development of the baby.

Purifying your skin from dead skin cells with peeling application makes the skin look younger and brighter. The purifying body detox gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin with ground coffee beans and moisturizing Soothing Balm. This set, which you can use as a bath care set, is ideal as a body care set. You can get a silky and clean skin with Purify Scrub, facial moisturizing Hydrating face cream and purifying Geranium soap, which are included in the face care set. The anti-blemish care set supports the skin in equalizing the color tone and preventing the formation of blemishes, especially in the face area.

Body Care Set Products

Body care set for men consists of Room Shower Gel that provides moisture and purification for the skin, beard care balm created with 100% natural ingredients for beard care, soothing and restorative Calming Face Care Cream for sensitive skin and purifying Geranium soap. With this set, you can support the functions of the skin by feeding your skin with 100% natural ingredients. It is important to determine the skin and hair types correctly for the selection of men's care products . This set is one of the most ideal sets that men can choose to gain a well-groomed and healthy appearance.

With the Moisture Bomb set, your bathroom routines can also turn into a maintenance session. Oda Body Lotion deeply moisturizes the skin and nourishes the skin with its natural vegetable oils.

Facial Care Set Products

With the Alfheim face, skin and hair care sets you will choose according to your skin type and needs, your skin will look brighter, healthier and fuller. The anti-aging care set is ideal for mature and time-related sagging skin. It supports peptide and collagen synthesis on the face. In this way, your skin gains a tighter and fuller appearance.

With the night care set, you can provide intensive moisturizing care for dry and sensitive skin. When creating a women's skin care set, it is important to choose products suitable for the type of skin and the needs of the skin. Sensitive and irritated skins can also prefer Calming Face Cream. You can create an Alfheim women's personal care set with the selection of products suitable for your skin type.

Skin Care Set Prices

Choosing the right body care set and the naturalness of the products in the set you will create are factors in changing the skin care set prices. A short research will be enough to purchase care sets that will suit your skin and hair needs in bulk and to choose the right products. In order for hair and skin care kits to be good for the skin, support skin functions and eliminate problems, you should make sure that you prefer products prepared with natural ingredients and expertise.

Personal Care Set Types Alfheim Aromatherapy!

The most natural skin care sets, body care sets suitable for your skin type and skin problem, and reparative and anti-shedding hair care sets are waiting for you at Alfheim Aromatherapy. You can provide preventive care for your baby with 100% natural and effective ingredients in skin care sets suitable for babies, and discover the healing of herbal and natural oils on the body.