Vegan Skin Care Oils

Grape Seed Oil
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Tamanu Oil
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A young, firm and radiant skin is the harbinger of mental and physical health. Our skin, which works like an armor that protects our body against external factors, is the organ most affected by these external factors. It may be possible to prevent problems such as skin blemishes, sagging, wrinkles and dryness, dullness caused by internal and external factors, and to stop time with natural skin care oils suitable for our skin type.

Our skin, which is constantly exposed to negative effects for 24 hours, deserves careful care. With healing skin care oils, you can give your skin the natural care it deserves. With the skin care oil you will add to your skin care routine, you can support the youth functions of your skin, delay its aging and gain a healthier-younger appearance.

What Do Facial Care Oils Do?

Our face is the first place where signs of aging show themselves. Depending on our skin structure, nutrition and lifestyle habits and our care routines, sooner or later we encounter wrinkles, sagging, staining and many other problems. You can look younger and healthier with facial care oils. Vegetable oils, which you can use as face oil, contribute to skin metabolism naturally with the beneficial fatty acids and phytochemicals they contain and penetrate deeply into the skin. Chemical care products containing mineral oil irritate the hydro-lipid layer of the skin in long-term use. This means more moisture loss and more dryness. Skin care oils, on the other hand, moisturize your face while nourishing it and helping it to maintain its vitality for a long time. Vegetable oils rich in Alpha Linolenic and Gamma Linolenic acids, also known as skin vitamins, have a skin regenerating and care-giving effect. So what are the 100% natural and effective skin care oils and what is the use of skin care oil?

Grape Seed Oil > Black grape seed oil, which consists of Gamma Linolenic fatty acids, is also known as the fountain of youth. With its skin regenerative, high antioxidant capacity, it protects the skin against aging. Ideal for face and eye care .

Rosehip Seed Oil > Consists of Alpha Linolenic fatty acids. It provides 100% natural and effective care for aged and irritated skin. It is effective in the care of face and eye area with its skin regenerating feature.

Which Skin Care Oil Should Be Used According to Skin Type?

Skin type should always be considered while taking skin care oil recommendations. The best skin care oil is the natural oil suitable for your skin type, which you will choose among the 100% pure oils of Alfheim Aromatherapy. The fatty acid characteristics of vegetable oils also determine their functions on the skin. Therefore, when choosing skin care oil, the potential effects of the selected oil should be well researched beforehand. You can find answers to many more questions such as how to use skin care oils and what oils to use in skin care routines on the Alfheim Blog.

Dry Skin Types: With its rapid absorption and high Vitamin E content, Apricot Kernel Oil is suitable for dry skin. You can prefer Borage oil for skin dryness caused by stress.

Sensitive Skin Types: Quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling, Coconut Oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin. You can soothe and balance your skin with a few drops of Chamomile and Geranium oils that you add to the coconut.

Oily Skin Types: It is possible to maintain sebum balance and care for oily skin with nourishing ingredients. For this, you can use carrier oils with polyunsaturated fatty acid content and essential oils that purify and sebum balance. Alfheim Organic Hemp Seed oil and Tea Tree oil will provide a good care kit for oily skin.

Normal Skin Types: Normal skin types need care just like other skin types. With natural skin oils, care routines can be created that will ensure the sebum balance of the skin and support the skin metabolism. Shea Butter, Borage and Wheat oils are ideal for normal skin.

Combination Skin Types: Grape Seed Oil and Cedar Oil can be preferred together, which will support you in eliminating the moisture imbalance in the skin.

Spotty Skin Types: The anti-inflammatory Alfheim Tamanu carrier oil and the Tea Tree Oil duo are helpful in removing acne and acne.

Skin Care Oil Prices

You can follow Alfheim Aromatherapy to discover 100% natural and effective skin care oils. For the most suitable and effective skin oil, visit our relevant product category, choose the oil suitable for your skin type and discover its natural miracles. To take advantage of advantageous skin care oil prices, you can follow us on our social media accounts.
Natural Skin Care Oils in Alfheim Aromatherapy!

Alfheim expertly produces natural and pure vegetable oils from plants that hide the effective essences without restoring the soul and body balance. Natural facial moisturizers , which offer a unique experience with their nourishing, restorative and structuring ingredients in face and skin care, are waiting for you to discover the healing essences of nature. If you want to discover healing skin care oils and pamper your skin with natural and effective ingredients, visit now.