Natural Hair Care Oils

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Hair care oils are integral parts of our hair care routine. Apart from the shampoos, soaps, conditioners, creams and masks we use daily, hair care oil, which contains natural and effective extracts that our hair needs, is one of the most important applications in this routine. Whether your hair is damaged by external effects such as perm, dye, sun, dry-dull, greasy, sparse or thin-haired, there are natural hair care products that address every hair problem with the benefits of hair care oil. For those who are looking for hair care oil or asking what hair care oils are, it may be useful to take a look at this article.

What are the Hair Care Oil Types?

There are different hair care oils produced for different hair problems. But hair oils are basically divided into two.

  • Herbal and natural based hair care oils
  • Mineral oil based hair care oils

Mineral oil-based hair care oils, which provide temporary shine and volume by filming only the outer surface of the hair, dry your hair in long-term use and cause irritation on your scalp. Moreover, when you want to cleanse your hair of this oil, you have to use sulfate-containing shampoos because sulfate-free natural shampoos may not dissolve mineral oil from the hair.

Herbal hair care oils, on the other hand, offer the healing essences of nature for nourishing, protective and restorative care regardless of hair and scalp type. Natural hair care oil not only protects the hair and scalp by acting deeply, but also helps to repair it. You can eliminate many hair problems with natural hair oils. It will be possible to get visible results in a short time with the care routine you will apply yourself with natural hair care oil. For this reason, it is very important to choose natural hair care oil in the use of hair care oil.

How to Use Hair Care Oils?

Limiting our hair care routine to shampoos and conditioners will not be enough to care for natural hair. Care products containing sulphate etc. corrosive chemical actives that have been used for years, hair that is damaged due to heat treatment, dye, genetics, nutrition and environmental conditions need more intensive and natural care. Hair care oils, which provide this natural care that hair needs in a fast and effective way, must be included in hair care routines.

The restorative hair care oil that you will apply 2-3 times a week will create a visible effect in a short time and make your hair look healthier and more voluminous. Ideal for post-bath hair care oil application. Vegetable oils applied to damp hair are left for a while and the hair is rinsed again. You can choose sulfate-free and nourishing Alfheim Shampoos to rinse the 100% natural hair care oils of Alfheim Aromatherapy.

What Do Hair Care Oils Do?

Regardless of your hair type and hair problem, you can find an organic hair care oil that will support you.

Argan Oil > Carrier of oleic and linoleic acid groups, this oil protects the hair especially against external damage and provides healing by nourishing it deeply.

Babassu Oil > This oil from the laurine acid group is very effective in hair and scalp care. It absorbs quickly and increases the elasticity of the hair and scalp. Thanks to its moisture replenishing feature, it is ideal for dry hair strands and sensitive hair roots.

Coconut Oil > Caring effect on hair and scalp Coconut oil can form effective synergistic mixtures with Jojoba, Argan, Grape Seed and Rosehip Seed oil.

Alfheim Hair Care Oil > Argan, Babassu, Turpentine, Ylang Ylang, Cedar, Jojoba, Sesame, Sweet Almond, Nettle Seed and Vitamin E. Thanks to its rich formula, Alfheim Hair Care Oil provides intensive care to the hair from root to tip, and multi-functionally prevents hair loss. It effectively contributes to prevent hair breakage, hair skin problems. It is an excellent toner for damaged hair and weak hair roots. It gives the hair the energy it needs for a healthy look.

Hair care oil does not provide a temporary effect by only filming the hair, unlike mineral oils, due to its herbal content. With its in-depth effect, it regulates and improves hair and scalp metabolism. The best hair oils are care oils prepared with pure and natural oils and specialties. It will be the right choice to use these precious oils with 100% natural content, which are suitable for your hair type, specially prepared for your needs.

Have Flawless Hair with Oils Good for Hair Loss!

Those looking for a care oil for hair should first choose products with natural ingredients and expertly prepared. For this reason, you should take care to use only brands and products that you trust. With expertly prepared natural hair care oils, you can visibly overcome hair problems in a short time.

Fixed oils containing polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Alpha and Gamma Linolenic acids and supporting essential oils should be the first choice of those looking for hair care oil against hair loss. Examples of these are Walnut, Hemp, Flax, Rosehip and Wheat Extract oils. These oils can be used as a care oil against hair loss.

The mixed hair care oil created with the synergies of different oils is valuable. In this way, you can deal with many hair and scalp problems at the same time and have full, shiny and healthy hair. Hair loss may not be a problem for you with care oils.

Hair Care Oil Prices

For those looking for care oils for hair ends or the best hair care oil, the most suitable hair care oil prices are at Do not forget to follow Alfheim Aromatherapy for the most suitable hair care oil prices and campaigns for natural solutions to many different hair problems.

The prices of hair care oils you will buy from Alfheim Aromatherapy vary between 200-365 TL.

Natural Hair Care Oils at Alfheim Aromatherapy

100% natural care oils for dry and lifeless hair in Alfheim Aromatherapy. Discover invigorating and protective hair care with pure and natural vegetable oils. Get more vibrant, shiny and healthy hair with natural Alfheim oils that you will include in your hair care routine.