Eye Contour Care

Grape Seed Oil
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Our skin is like our body, our face is like our skin, and our eyes are like a summary of our face. The bright, tight and plump eye area gives the first ideas about our health and the care we take for ourselves. If you want to have a healthy and fit look with natural eye care, you should take action for eye area care.

Thanks to eye care products, it is possible to look healthier and younger against environmental factors and the negativities of time. With herbal eye care, you can prevent the formation of wrinkles around the eyes and minimize sagging and bruises. The use of natural eye cream can provide short-term and visible improvements in eye care. All you have to do for this is to rearrange your skin care routine with natural eye care oil and eye cream.

What are Eye Care Products?

Eyes and eye area, which are the most sensitive organs of our body, can look younger and healthier with an effective and regular care routine. For this, we need to include natural care around the eyes in our skin care routines. In this way, you can have a renewed, plump and lively eye area.

Eye area care, we get a deeply effective, repairing and regenerating care routine supported by herbal products. In this regard, vegetable oils are our greatest helpers for eye care. Eye contour oil, which has the right fatty acid profile and ease of application to meet different skin types and skin needs, prevents wrinkles and sagging around the eyes. It also nourishes the skin with a deep effect and helps the skin to renew itself.

The eye contour serum obtained from the combination of natural oils and natural actives is also ideal for skin that needs intensive care.

Eye contour care cream is also very important in eye care. Incorporating eye care creams, which are created with natural actives and harmless ingredients and support intensive care and anti-aging products, into the eye care routines will help for a firmer and younger appearance.

Herbal Oils for Eye Contour Care

Our biggest helpers for the natural care of the eye area are the benefits for the skin and the herbal oils that can show healing, protective and barrier-providing, restorative and nourishing effects. Considering the skin type and skin needs, vegetable oils containing high-value vitamins, nutritious fatty acids and skin-friendly phytosterols should be preferred. Natural oils, which can be preferred especially in rejuvenating and wrinkle-relieving eye care, are rapidly absorbed and support the skin's youth mechanism by deeply acting, making it easier to get a faster, healthier and more visible effect. Alfheim Aromatherapy's nourishing and restorative herbal oils, compatible with the Max Rubner Institut Fixed Oil Database, are ideal for natural care around the eyes.

The priority in the care around the eyes is always to defend the skin against free radicals and environmental factors and to ensure that it can repair itself by renewing itself. It should also be ensured that the horn layer in the outermost layer of the skin is activated. In the selection of oil for the eye area, 100% natural and pure oils should be preferred. Let's take a look at the nourishing and restorative Alfheim carrier oils and the oils to choose for healthy and effective eye care.

Rosehip Seed Oil >Skin regenerative, ideal for skin cracks, wrinkles around the eyes, sensitive and irritated mature skin. You can mix this active oil with Jojoba oil in a 1:1 ratio.

Grape Seed Oil > Cell activating by activating the skin's youth mechanism. It is beneficial to the skin with its magnificent and 100% natural anti-aging effect, Alpha Linolenic acid content that supports the repair mechanism of fat cells.

Jojoba Oil > It is an oil that provides excellent skin protection, is well absorbed and provides deep care. It protects the skin against external factors with its regenerative, protective and caring oil barrier effect.

Shea Butter > It is a good barrier protector with its strong structuring and moisturizing effect.

Argan > It has an antioxidant effect with its high level of Vitamin E. He is a caregiver and protector.

Tamanu > With its anti-inflammatory effect, it is a care provider and healer with tea tree essential oil in acne and acne.

Borage Oil > Anti-oxidant, skin-structuring and soothing. It is supportive in stress-related skin problems.

For wrinkles around the eyes, you can mix the above carrier oils and ├ľlmez ├çi├žek essential oil in a ratio of 50ml:3 drops. Geranium Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil can be preferred for irritated skin. Patchouli oil is supportive in skin cracks.

Eye Contour Care Cream and Moisturizers

Under-eye care cream is an important supplement to the eye care routine. The eye contour cream, which you will determine for your skin type and skin needs, will help your skin look more vibrant and healthy. It is the most important product you need after eye creams, eye care oils and serums that strengthen the skin's matrix tissue and increase its moisture capacity with its valuable ingredient contents.

Moisture is vital for a skin to renew itself by maintaining its normal functions. For this reason, you can choose facial care products that will deeply moisturize the skin and provide long-term moisture.

Alfheim Hydrating Intense Moisturizing Face Cream > Locks moisture into the skin with its moisture-retaining matrices. It nourishes and heals the skin with cactus and jojoba oils. You can choose it as an effective and intense eye area moisturizer.

Firming eye creams that will enable the skin to perform its youth functions by activating the building blocks of the skin are among the effective eye care products for sagging that occurs due to the weakening of the connective tissue of the skin due to time and external factors.

Alfheim Firming Firming Face Cream > It helps to activate the youth mechanism by supporting the peptide and collagen synthesis of the skin. It provides tightening and fullness in the skin. Thus, you will have a tighter, fuller and younger appearance around the eyes.

You can use an effective wrinkle cream around the eyes for wrinkles around the eyes, which occur due to mimic movements of our eye muscles, deformation of the skin due to time and external factors. Deep wrinkles, especially in dry and mature skin, can become unavoidable over time. To prevent this, you can choose Alfheim Age Well Anti-Aging Face Care Cream as a wrinkle cream around the eyes.

Age Well Anti-Aging Care Cream > Supports the matrix texture of the skin. It helps skin metabolism in renewing the connective tissue of the skin and forming new cells. Supports hyaluronic acid synthesis. It is effective in light and deep wrinkles around the eyes. As a wrinkle cream around the eyes, it provides a more taut and smooth appearance.

How is Eye Contour Care Done?

The first step to prevent wrinkles around the eyes is to create a care routine around the eyes with proven natural products created with healthy and natural ingredients. Regardless of your age and skin type, it may be possible to turn back time with an effective eye contour care routine.

First of all, you should determine the eye area care products suitable for your skin type and needs, and then apply eye care oils, wrinkle lotions and care creams regularly and in order. Application routines 2-3 days a week will make visible and pleasing differences around the eyes and on your face.

Eye Care Products Prices

All your searches for natural and effective eye care products are at alfheimaromatherapy.com. Visit alfheimaromatherapy.com to learn about the prices of moisturizers around the eyes, to choose and discover Alfheim products that will be good for your skin in your 100% natural and effective care routine.

Natural Eye Contour Care Products are at Alfheim Aromatherapy!

For those looking for a natural solution to wrinkles around the eyes and wondering about the anti-wrinkle care advice, alfheimaromatherapy.com and our social media accounts are always with you. Get ready to discover naturally produced eye care products and more with international standards, passion and expertise.