Body Fats

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Cold weather in winter and harmful rays of the sun in summer disrupt the natural moisture balance of the skin, resulting in a dull and dry skin appearance. Air pollution, chemical-containing cosmetic products and epilation methods are also among the factors that cause the skin to lose moisture and wear. It is of great importance to moisturize the skin regularly in order to protect the skin from adverse weather conditions and wearing factors. For an effective moisturizing, it is necessary to prefer body oils, which are more dense than creams and provide the skin with the nutrients it needs thanks to its natural ingredients. Alfheim body oils, which intensely moisturize the skin and protect it all day long by forming a protective layer on the skin surface, are among the most effective body moisturizers . Alfheim Aromatherapy body oils, which consist of vegetable oils rich in vitamins and minerals, not only restore the lost moisture to the skin, but also nourish the skin and give it a healthy appearance. Body oils with the impressive scents of plants and flowers also help you overcome fatigue and stress by resting the mind.

Fragrant Body Oils

Body oils, produced with natural oils obtained from flowers, seeds and seeds, turn skin care into a pleasant one with their pleasant scents. The body oils, which smell good with herbal formulas, caress your soul as well as your skin with the natural essences it contains. Alfheim body oils, which do not contain any artificial fragrances or dyes, not only provide moisture and health to your skin, but also offer mental relaxation thanks to their pure herbal ingredients.

Since Alfheim carrier oils do not have the ability to emit odor alone, they must be used together with essential oils. When Alfheim Aromatherapy body and massage oils are used together with essential oils, they are perfect for purifying and refreshing from the stress of the day with their impressive scents released during the application. Types of body massage oils that make it possible for you to take a break from the busy pace of life and offer you the calmness and serenity of nature with their beautiful scents. Each type of essential oil produced from different plant and seed extracts appeals to all your senses with its natural essences and dense texture, providing a pleasant and refreshing care. You can feel this refreshing effect whenever you need, by carrying the fascinating scents of body oils, which attract attention with their permanence, all day long.

Natural Ingredients Body Oils

Body oils have unique benefits such as moisturizing and protecting the skin, as well as nourishing and repairing it. Body oils, in which plant and seed oils, which have been used as beauty secrets for thousands of years, are used together, are among the most effective care products today. Alfheim body oils, which have a carrier oil feature, when used with essential oils, deeply nourish the skin by allowing essential oils to penetrate into different layers of the skin. In this way, the skin regains its health and shines. Consisting of completely natural ingredients, Alfheim body oils perform the natural care that the skin needs with its pure, clean and additive-free formulas. The oils, which moisturize the body intensely, meet the needs of the skin with the vitamins and minerals it contains, giving the skin elasticity, shine and vitality. Body oils, which can be used for the face and neck area as well as the body, allow you to benefit from the refreshing effect of nature from head to toe. Body oils that can be applied to the hair and scalp provide solutions to problems such as breakage, breakage, dulling and electrification by feeding your hair from root to tip with natural plant extracts.

Alfheim oils are obtained by cold pressing method in order not to spoil the nutritional structure of plant and seed extracts. With its special formulas using natural oils, Alfheim body care oil varieties carry the health from nature to your skin and hair.

Body Oils with Different Properties are at Alfheim Aromatherapy!

Body oils are produced from different types of vegetable oils for different skin needs. Sometimes a single body oil consists of a mixture of more than one vegetable oil. When choosing, it is necessary to determine the skin type and the need of the skin well. It also makes it easier for you to choose how the body oil will stay on the skin.

Luminous body oil types, which attract attention with their dense texture, restore their natural glow to skin that needs extra moisture. Almond oil, which leaves a slightly oily feeling on the skin, is the ideal option for such a use. When glossy body oil types are applied, it creates a bright reflection on the skin and creates an eye-catching appearance. You can reach a healthy skin and a well-groomed appearance by choosing body brightening oil types according to the look you want to achieve and the needs of your skin. You can use dry body oils to moisturize your skin effectively without creating an oily look or layer.

Body firming oils , which have a firming and rejuvenating effect when used regularly, help the skin to regain its former flawless appearance by recovering sagging caused by loss of elasticity. Alfheim Firming firming body oil, which is among the body oil recommendations to prevent cellulite formation, is very effective in preventing sagging that occurs as a result of aging, weight loss or pregnancy with its special formula consisting of a synergistic mixture of vitamin E and 8 different vegetable oils. Firming body oils, which should be applied by massaging, increase the effect by accelerating blood circulation and create visible differences in problematic skin tissue.

Although it is thought to be more suitable for dry skin due to its dense structure, body oils actually provide benefits for all skin types. Producing the best types of body oil using different plant extracts in order to present the miracle of nature to you, Alfheim has an option suitable for the needs of every skin. You can use Alfheim body oil varieties, which are obtained from different plants and seeds such as borage flower seeds, apricot seeds, hemp seeds, almonds and sesame seeds, according to the needs of your skin. For brighter and lively hair, you can enrich the carrier oils, which you can use on the hair and scalp, with essential oils if you wish, and you can perform a complete care from head to toe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Fats

What is Body Fat?

Body oil is a nourishing skin care product obtained from plant and seed extracts, which are very rich in vitamins and minerals, and provides more intense moisturizing compared to creams.

What Does Body Butter Do?

"What does body oil do?" It is possible to answer the question briefly by saying that it provides the skin with the moisture and nutrients it needs.Body oils produced from vegetable oils provide protection against adverse weather conditions by trapping moisture in the skin.Body oils support the skin's repair process against dryness, acne and signs of aging by nourishing the skin with the vitamins and minerals it contains. It creates a relaxing effect by resting the mind with its pleasant smells.

How to Use Body Oils

"How to use body oil?" The answer to the question depends on the purpose of use. You can apply body oil to your slightly damp skin after showering to trap moisture in your skin and create a protective shield that lasts all day. You can use body oil by massaging on problem areas against cellulite and sagging formation. the skin is clean and massage is done with circular movements during the application.