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Grape Seed Oil
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Scalp Shampoo
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Root Shampoo
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Strand Shampoo
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Sesame oil
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Coconut Oil
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Jojoba Oil
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Lively and shiny hair always leaves a positive impression on its owner. Our hair, which we take care of many times in proportion to our body and mind balance, may lose its vitality and shine from time to time due to genetic factors, environmental conditions and chemical exposures. Long-term, permanent vitality and voluminous hair is possible with short care routines that you will apply with Alfheim natural hair care products.

Chemicals, environmental factors, genetic factors and dietary habits that are frequently used in hair care routines are the most important factors that directly affect the vitality and shine of the hair. Against all these negative effects, you can make your hair look lively, voluminous and shiny. Practical and natural anti-shedding hair care products for healthy hair and scalp will always be your greatest helper.

Our hair is living structures and they can change and transform cyclically. While looking for hair care suggestions, you should not forget to create the most suitable care routine for yourself without neglecting the structure of your own hair and scalp. In order to understand your own hair and scalp structure, you should answer the following two important questions;

What Hair Type Do I Have?

By answering these two questions, you can choose your hair products and create a care routine for your hair.

Hair types are briefly evaluated under four different headings;

1. Oily hair and oily scalp

2. Dry hair and oily scalp

3. Dry hair and dry scalp

4. Very dry hair and scalp

After determining the most suitable hair type for us, you need to identify our hair problem;

1. Dandruff hair

2. Hair loss

3. Irritation and sensitive scalp

4. Thin, de-energized hair

After determining our hair problem, the best hair care oil products suitable for your hair type will be waiting for you. Because the best hair care products are the ones chosen according to your hair type. Hair care products can be used upon recommendation, but it is very important to check beforehand whether it is suitable for your hair structure. Otherwise, you may not get the expected result and lose time and money by wearing out your hair with an inappropriate treatment.

How is Hair Care Made?

You can take a closer look at Shampoo Root, which has anti-hair loss shampoo and hair nourishing feature, and other natural care supports, and you can examine our hair repairing Strand Shampoo product for thin-stranded energy-free hair on our website.

For those looking for an effective hair moisturizer against irritated and sensitive scalp problems, Shampoo Scalp, Alfheim Hair Care Oil and Hair Care Mask will help you create a natural hair care routine. With the Hair Care Mask hair mask, you can ensure that your hair grows lively and healthy with 100% natural ingredients.

In long-term use, other hair care products, including shampoo, that create chemical residues and exposure may cause chemical accumulation and irritation on the hair and scalp. For this reason, you should prefer shampoos made from natural raw materials instead of abrasive surfactants such as SLS and SLES.

100% natural oils are a very good helper to moisturize and nourish your hair and scalp, which you have cleansed of dirt and oil with the shampoo. 100% natural and pure vegetable oils, which you will choose according to your hair type, support the natural metabolism of the scalp and nourish the roots with its hair-strengthening care effect. With 100% natural oils, nourishing fatty acids and phytochemicals that are free radical scavengers, they are excellent alternatives to hair growth products. Natural oils that nourish and support the skin and hair by participating in the natural metabolism will also save you from chemical residue and abrasion problems in long-term use. Almond, Argan and Coconut oils are excellent natural alternatives for hair growth care products. They provide effective support in removing toxicants from the scalp and stimulating hair growth.

Natural Methods in Hair Care

What you need to do for practical, 100% natural and effective hair care is very simple. With a hair care shampoo that is non-abrasive and does not contain harmful surfactants such as SLS and SLES, you can pamper your oil and dirt-free hair with 100% natural oils. You can find out which oils you should choose according to your hair type in our blog post. You can have 100% natural, lively and healthy hair with scalp massage and hair care with 100% natural oils suitable for your hair type and problem.

Affordable Hair Care Products at Alfheim Aromatherapy!

Correct hair care starts with the correct determination of the hair type and hair problem. Afterwards, you should choose hair care products created with 100% natural and effective herbal oils that will be good for you. These oils support and revitalize the body by participating in its natural metabolism. They show the same function in hair production and renewal mechanics. You can visit our website to discover 100% natural and effective hair care products of Alfheim Aromatherapy instead of products and processes that contain chemicals and create chemical residues and wear in long-term use.