Facial Care Products

Grape Seed Oil
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Sesame oil
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Tamanu Oil
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Our face is the most important part of us that expresses us. We have no doubt that we will feel more beautiful, more confident and healthy with a bright and clean skin. Now, let's briefly look at what we can do with Alfheim's 100% natural facial care products for a lively, naturally glowing and healthy face care.

Facial care is the first condition of looking healthy and beautiful and it is the most sensitive part of our body. For this reason, it becomes even more important to pay attention to the face care. It is important to use natural skin care products to take more care of your very sensitive skin.

Why Are Facial Care Products Important?

Our skin is cyclical, like the rest of our body. Over time, dead cells, free radicals and environmental effects accumulate in the skin pores and cause various problems such as acne and acne. In order to prevent these problems, the first thing to do is to keep our skin clean. Our sensitive facial skin is affected by environmental factors and cyclic wastes of the skin in a shorter time. For this reason, natural cleaning and care products that are suitable for sensitive skin structure and that will not cause chemical residue and abrasion should be preferred. Let's look at what should be done to protect and renew our facial skin against free radicals and environmental effects.

Facial Care Considerations

We mentioned that the first condition for natural facial care is cleaning. The best facial cleansers are those with natural ingredients that will nourish and moisturize while purifying your skin, and are suitable for your skin type. Facial cleansing with a purifying and moisturizing facial soap every 2 days is ideal for removing oil, dead skin and free radicals accumulated on the skin surface.

Afterwards, it is important for an effective facial care to apply your care serum that will help shrink the pores by tightening the skin, suitable for your skin type. Alfheim Firming Face Care Oil, with its 100% natural content, moisturizes and protects the skin while supporting the skin metabolism. It provides 100% natural and effective care thanks to its firming effect pure oils.

The first thing we will do next is moisturizers that help maintain the moisture balance and radiance of the skin. Natural skin care products should be preferred in order for the skin metabolism to function in a healthy way and to provide the moisture it needs. At all stages, product application should be done with light massage movements. Thus, your skin absorbs natural ingredients faster. In addition, these massage movements strengthen your facial muscles. Thus, a more resistant skin structure is obtained against possible wrinkles.

In some periods, it is not enough to clean the accumulated on the skin surface. This is where exfoliation comes into play. We also need to remove the residues accumulated under the skin from our skin. The peeling care you will apply every 15 days will make your skin more silky, fresh and vibrant. After peeling, you can continue with the lotion and moisturizing stages.

Choosing the right product for your skin type is very important when determining your skin care routine. The best facial care products are the most suitable for you and the most natural ingredients. By making minor changes in this routine, we can avoid chemical residues and the inevitable negativities of long-term use. During make-up removal, you can use pure, carrier oils instead of chemical and abrasive products. Almond, Jojoba and Apricot oils are ideal for this application.

Facial care applied with effective, natural products and at certain periods protects us from acne and acne. While purifying the skin from dirt and oil, it provides a more lively and healthy appearance. This routine, which will be applied according to your skin type, helps to remove wrinkles.

Best Face Care Products

One of the mistakes made frequently in skin care applications is to think that the result depends only on the product and it will have the same effect in all conditions. However, the most suitable product for you is the products suitable for your skin type, daily routine and tastes. For this, it is important to know your skin type and to know how much time you will devote to facial care in your daily planning. Products suitable for an oily skin type may not be effective for dry skin types. If you do not have time to spare for long-term moisturizing sessions, you can choose practical natural vegetable oils that absorb quickly and contain 100% natural ingredients. In other words, we can say that the way to effective facial care is to know our body, skin and daily routine.

You have the answers to questions such as the best face care creams, miraculous face care oil, what are the best skin care products. We have compiled our natural facial care products for you, suitable for use according to different skin types. You can start creating your face care routine by choosing the appropriate facial care products for your skin type.

-Oily Skin; Organic Hemp Oil, Tea Tree Oil
-Normal Skins; Shea Butter, Nighty Night Facial Cream
-Combination Skins; Hydrating Face Cream, Grape Seed Oil
-Dry Skin; Apricot Kernel Oil, Borage Oil, Calming Face Cream
-Sensitive Skins; Coconut Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Calming Face Cream

Affordable Face Care Products at Alfheim Aromatherapy!

You can discover our facial care products created with 100% natural, pure, herbal oils with reasonable price advantages at alfheimaromatherapy.com. Face care oil, skin care cream, face care products and more are waiting for you at Alfheim Aromatherapy.