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Causes of Dry Hand, What Is Good For Dry Hands?

Mar 01, 2023

El Kurulu─ču Nedenleri, El Kurulu─čuna Ne ─░yi Gelir?

The most striking element of a beautiful and well-groomed appearance is elegant and smooth hands. Therefore, care of hands should be at least as important as the face and neck of the body. The most common problem on hands is dryness. Hand dryness, which is complained by many, is caused by damage to the skin's natural moisture barrier. Hands, which are exposed to many negative effects during the day, are more prone to dryness than other parts of the body. It also brings along problems such as dryness, sensitivity, loss of elasticity and redness in the hand, which is caused by the deterioration of the skin's natural moisture barrier. So what is good for dry hands? Before answering this question, the bride asks, "Why does dry hands occur?" Let's examine it in detail.

What Causes Hand Dryness?

Frequent washing of hands, which are in constant contact with different surfaces and items throughout the day, is of great importance in terms of hygiene. It is inevitable to experience dryness in hands that are constantly washed with soap and water. The harmful rays of the sun, cold weather, chemicals used for cleaning and old age are among the factors that cause the skin to lose its moisture.

The skin, which loses its moisture, becomes open to external threats and allergens. As a result, problems such as redness, irritation, tightness and cracks begin to appear on the hand. Hand redness is one of the most common complaints in terms of appearance.

Hand dryness also causes loss of elasticity over time if precautions are not taken. The skin, which loses its elasticity, creates wrinkles at an early age, resulting in an old hand appearance.

Sometimes the dryness experienced can affect different parts of the hand more. Dryness of the palms as well as the dryness of the upper part of the hand is a frequently encountered problem. Dryness experienced more intensely in the palm of the hand leads to exfoliation, cracks and the appearance of the lines in the palm, negatively affecting the appearance of the hands.

Solution to Dry Hands

The most effective method for solving dry hands and the problems that accompany it; restoring the lost moisture to the skin. Regular use of moisturizing creams and oils, which offer solutions for dry hands, ensures that the skin is saturated with moisture and regains its old healthy appearance. It is very important to determine the moisturizing levels of the products to be used according to the season and the dryness of the hands. For summer months, you can choose light moisturizing creams that also contain sunscreen. You can use natural oils, which stand out with their intense moisturizing structure, for hands that are greatly affected by the cold weather in winter or have dryness problems all the time in summer and winter.

Moisturizing alone is not enough to repair the skin's natural moisture barrier. At the same time, it is necessary to perform a complete care of the hands with products that have nutritious ingredients. Considering that chemicals damage the moisture barrier that protects the skin against external factors, it is the most beneficial solution to turn to pure, natural and additive-free moisturizing products.

Alfheim Aromatherapy products provide your hands with the moisture they need with natural oils obtained from plant and seed extracts. Alfheim Coconut Oil , which has antioxidant properties thanks to the phenolic compounds in its content, offers a solution to the problem of hand dryness by effectively moisturizing the skin without clogging the pores. By regularly using coconut oil, which is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave a greasy feeling, you can make your hands silky smooth and soft.

If you are looking for intense moisturization for your hands that are very dry and worn especially in winter months , Alfheim almond oil is for you! Thanks to the vitamins A, B and E in its content, you can use almond oil, which also has a nourishing and restorative effect on the skin, as a base for lotions and creams. Thanks to the miracle of nature, almond oil, you can achieve the young, healthy and lively looking hands you dream of.

What are the Ways to Prevent Dry Hands?

It is possible to get rid of redness and dryness problems on the hand by paying attention to some points in daily life and making minor changes.

We can list the ways to prevent hand dryness as follows:

  • To regularly use natural and nourishing care creams and oils that provide intense moisture for hands,
  • Avoiding washing hands with very cold and hot water,
  • To protect hands from the drying and wearing effect of cold air by using gloves in winter,
  • Applying sunscreen cream to the hands against the harmful rays of the sun in summer,
  • Preventing the contact of hands with chemical cleaners used while cleaning by using gloves.

You can prevent hand dryness in the most effective way by choosing the care creams and oils you need to use for your hands among Alfheim Aromatherapy products that stand out with their natural ingredients.

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