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How to Care Around the Eyes?

May 13, 2024

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The eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of our face and requires proper care. Environmental factors we are exposed to during the day, such as signs of aging and fatigue, cause the eye area to be affected more quickly. Therefore, eye area care is very important and should be done regularly. You can make the eye area look healthier and younger with the products you can include in your care routine, correct application techniques and some small tips.

In this content, we will discuss what the ideal home care for the eye area should be like, what to pay attention to when doing care, what products to use and methods that are good for wrinkles around the eyes. We will also detail what you should pay attention to when choosing an eye care product.

What Should Ideal Eye Care Care Be Like?

The main purpose of eye area care is to provide the moisture this sensitive area needs and slow down the signs of aging. An ideal eye area care should include both daily and weekly routines. A daily routine may include cleansing and moisturizing steps, while a weekly routine may include deeply moisturizing and revitalizing steps.

An ideal eye area care routine should include the following steps:

  • Cleaning : The eye area can be filled with makeup, dirt and other foreign substances throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to gently cleanse this area with a gentle eye makeup remover.
  • Moisturization : The skin around the eyes is thinner and has fewer oil glands than other areas. Therefore, it is necessary to moisturize with specially formulated eye creams.
  • Protection : The sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays can accelerate the skin aging process. Products with sun protection factor should be used for the eye area.
  • Massage : Gentle massage around the eyes helps reduce dark circles and puffiness by increasing blood circulation. Massage can be done by gently tapping with your fingertips or with special massage tools.

In addition, it is important that the products used for ideal eye care have passed allergy testing and have been approved by dermatologists to be safe for the eye area.

This routine should not be limited to cosmetic products only; Lifestyle factors such as adequate sleep, healthy nutrition and plenty of water consumption also have a great impact on the health of the eye area.

What should be taken into consideration when taking care of the eye area?

Eye care is of great importance to protect the health of the eye area, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the skin, and to delay the signs of aging as much as possible. Proper care of this area provides benefits in both the short and long term. Here are the important points you should pay attention to when caring for the eye area:

  • Gentle Application Technique : Since the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the body, care should be taken when applying here. When applying the products, gently tapping them using your fingertips will increase the absorption of the product without damaging the skin. You can prevent the formation of wrinkles by avoiding pulling or applying unnecessary pressure.
  • Choosing the Right Product : Make sure that the products to be used around the eyes are dermatologically tested and suitable for use around the eyes. Be selective about ingredients and choose products that do not contain irritating substances such as alcohol and paraben. Aromatherapy oils , essential oils and fixed oils with natural and nourishing properties can offer excellent options for the eye area. These oils moisturize the skin while also having restorative properties.
  • Correct Adjustment of Product Amount : The amount of product used for the eye area should not be too much; because too much product can prevent the skin from breathing and cause under-eye bags. Generally, a grain of rice sized product will be sufficient.
  • Importance of Regular Care : Eye area care gives the best results when done regularly. Do not neglect cleansing and moisturizing twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. With weekly light peelings or mask applications, the eye area can gain a more vibrant and youthful appearance.
  • Lifestyle Changes : Increasing water consumption and regular sleep patterns can significantly reduce dark circles and puffiness problems that may occur around the eyes. A healthy diet and adequate water consumption also have positive effects on the general health and appearance of the skin.

What should be used for eye area care?

The choice of products to be used in eye area care has a great impact on the health and youthful appearance of this area. Therefore, it is important to choose products that are both reliable and effective. Here are the basic product types and recommendations you should use for eye area care:

  • Eye contour creams should be specially formulated for this area. Creams that target problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and swelling should be preferred. Creams with ingredients that provide hydration, increase elasticity and nourish the skin are the most ideal.
  • Serums for the eye area are products that are more densely formulated and have a deeper effect. Serums containing antioxidants such as peptides, retinol, vitamins C and E help renew and strengthen the skin. Serums are absorbed faster than creams and are more easily tolerated by the skin.
  • Eye masks and gels that you can add to your weekly care routine are perfect for the tired and puffy eye area. Gels with a cooling effect help relieve symptoms such as swelling and redness, while moisturizing masks provide deep hydration.
  • Oils for natural eye area care are very valuable due to their nourishing and restorative properties. Aromatherapy oils, essential oils and fixed oils moisturize the skin and protect against signs of aging with their content rich in antioxidants and vitamins. You can contribute to your skin looking healthier and more vibrant by adding these oils to your daily care routine.
  • The skin around the eyes needs protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Sun protection products that provide broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and are suitable for use around the eyes should be used. Sunscreens are vital to prevent premature aging of the eye area.

What is Good for Wrinkles Around the Eyes?

Although wrinkles around the eyes are considered a natural part of aging, it is possible to slow down this process with the right care methods and products. Here are the methods and suggestions that are good for wrinkles around the eyes:

  • Hydration : Adequate hydration of the eye area helps prevent the formation of wrinkles. Products containing powerful moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid lock water into the skin, providing a plump appearance and helping to reduce fine lines.
  • Retinol and Peptides : Retinol stimulates collagen production in the skin and accelerates cell renewal, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides increase skin elasticity and provide a tighter skin structure. These types of products are especially effective when used in nightly routines.
  • Antioxidants : Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E and green tea extract help reduce wrinkle formation by protecting the skin from the damage of free radicals. At the same time, it evens out skin tone and provides a more youthful appearance.
  • Massage and Exercise : Special exercises and massage techniques for the eye area support skin health by increasing blood circulation. Massage also ensures better absorption of products, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Regular Sleep and Healthy Nutrition : Adequate sleep is necessary for the skin to repair and renew itself. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants supports the overall health of the skin.
  • Professional Treatments : For deeper wrinkles, professional treatments such as laser treatments, microneedling or chemical peels applied by dermatologists may also be considered. These methods reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen production in the skin.

How to Choose a Product for Eye Care?

Choosing the right products for eye care at home is critical to ensuring you get effective results. Different products are available for every skin type and age group, so it's important to determine which ones best suit your personal needs. Here are the main factors you should pay attention to when choosing an eye area care product:

  • Consider your skin type when choosing products for the eye area. Dry, oily or sensitive skin may require different products. For example, products with more intense moisturizing properties should be preferred for dry skin.
  • Identify your main problems around the eyes. For dark circles, swelling, fine lines or wrinkles, products with different ingredients should be preferred. For example, products containing vitamin C for dark circles and retinol for wrinkles may be good options.
  • Check the ingredients of eye area products. Avoid substances such as perfume and alcohol that may be irritating. Choose products with natural ingredients and dermatologically tested. Products containing nourishing oils such as aromatherapy oils, essential oils, and fixed oils provide a soothing effect while moisturizing the skin.
  • The reliability of the brand and its reputation in the market are also important factors when choosing a product. Choosing brands that are clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists is best for your eye area health.
  • Benefit from other users' experiences and recommendations when choosing a product. Real user reviews can provide important information about the effectiveness and reliability of the product.

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