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ÔÇťScent -Scent- L'odeur- Il ProfumoÔÇŁ

Mar 01, 2023

ÔÇťKoku -Scent- LÔÇÖodeur- Il ProfumoÔÇŁ
This magical sense, which has a counterpart in every language, is almost like a sensitive expression of all our emotions.
There is a need for "scent" in our lives to add richness and vitality to our experience of the world.
It triggers nerve impulses that are instantly fired to the brain by passing through the nostrils and are recorded directly in our minds.
Thousands of these reactions occur every day, even while you sleep.
Everyone has a magic time machine: a scent can take us back years in a flash.
That's why our strong instinctive responses to aromas often stem from memories associated with that scent.
Smells have a powerful effect on our health, as they affect brain regions associated with moods, emotions or feelings.
Thus, aromas that make you mentally calm also relax your body by triggering internal chemical changes.
More invigorating scents stimulate the brain, add dynamism to the body and give the soul a sense of energy.
If you haven't paid much attention to your sense of smell before, it's not too late to start observing it more closely.
Go outside and walk for 20 minutes to see how many scents you detect: the number of aromas you discover may surprise you!

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