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What is Antigravity Yoga?

May 26, 2023

Antigravity Yoga ( Hamakl─▒ Yoga) Nedir?

What is Antigravity Yoga? What are the Benefits?

Find out everything you need to know about hammock yoga benefits in this article.

One of the exercises that provides purification of body and soul is yoga. As in many sports, yoga is also divided into groups within itself. One of these groups is Antigravity Yoga, also known as Hammock Yoga.

How Did Hammock Yoga Come About?

Created by Christopher Harrison in New York in 1991, antigravity, or yoga with a hammock, is known as the most entertaining fitness.

Christopher Harrison suffers an injury. As a result of this disability, his mobility is restricted, he wants to do yoga to regain his old self, but realizes that he cannot do yoga movements freely and decides to set up his own mechanism. She attaches a durable fabric to the ceiling, making it a hammock, and practices yoga positions on the hammock. The result is successful. Now he can easily do his exercises. This is how the hammock yoga technique was born.

Its difference from classical yoga; Antigravity is the fact that you can practice yoga much more easily and enjoy insatiable pleasure. In hammock yoga, you feel like you are dancing in the air, giving your soul an endless sense of freedom and relaxation.

If you want to do yoga too, we can add that Antigravity yoga is the most suitable type of yoga for beginners.

How to Do Yoga with Hammock?

If you are just starting out, getting support from an instructor would be very helpful. That way, you'll make the right progress on how to start and how to proceed. But for those who still want to try it themselves, 'How to do yoga with hammock?' Let's talk.

The first step, as with any sport and other yoga session, is to warm up your body. Starting with easy moves, you should make your session more difficult step by step. It is very important to practice the antigravity yoga steps in order for your muscles to be tightened at the right rate.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Antigravity Yoga?

Before we start, we should mention that using aromatherapy oil is one of the sine qua non of yoga. Using aromatherapy oil can double the antigravity yoga benefits. Especially Alpheim Aromatherapy Yoga Oils will be your biggest supporter in this regard. Hammock Yoga;

  1. It allows the body to be shaped quickly and properly.
  2. It accelerates the work of the abdominal muscles.
  3. It accelerates calorie burning.
  4. It gives elasticity to the body.
  5. By reducing the pressure on the spine, it reduces waist and back pain, and relaxes the pinched nerves.
  6. It improves your proportion.
  7. It allows you to walk and sit upright.
  8. It helps the body get rid of toxins.
  9. It helps you fight stress by releasing the hormone of happiness and increases your self-confidence.
  10. It regulates blood circulation and renews your cells.

How Do You Benefit From Aromatherapy Oils While Doing Yoga?

You can think of yoga oils and yoga as two halves of an apple. While doing yoga, you can double the effect of yoga oils, and by using yoga oil, you can double the effect of yoga movements. So, which oils should you choose when doing yoga? Let's talk a little bit about that.

Relief essential oil blend, which is one of the Alpheim Aromatherapy Oils, gives a feeling of calmness and peace during yoga. Jasmine Oil offers a strengthening and balancing effect. You can accelerate your body and mind rhythm with Alive Therapy Roll . You can take your yoga pleasure to the top with the ones we have mentioned and other Alpheim Yoga Oil varieties.

Who Is Antigravity Yoga Suitable For?

As with many sports, there are reservations about Hammock Yoga. Can people of all ages and weights do it? Is it very difficult? Questions such as hammock yoga are among the most frequently asked questions.

One of the most beautiful features of Antigravity Yoga is that it is suitable for all ages and weights and can be applied easily. However, if there are conditions such as chronic respiratory disease, blood pressure, vertigo, and risky pregnancy, it would be much more appropriate to consult a doctor.

What Do I Need While Doing Antigravity Yoga?

We can easily say that you will need a small number of materials when doing yoga with a hammock. First of all, a solid fabric to hang on the ceiling, Alpheim Yoga Oil, comfortable clothes and relaxing music if you wish will be enough.

What Are Antigravity Yoga Movements?

  • Navasana Bent Janu called Patient Pada; It is a sitting position on a hammock, with hands standing as if praying. It provides support and comfort to the body.
  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana; Also called bridge position. It's just the movement where your hips stay on the hammock. It strengthens the belly and chest, while reducing waist tension.
  • Salamba Ustrasana; It is the posture in which the neck stays in the hammock. It allows the spine to stretch and the hip bones to open.
  • Uttana Padasana; Your ankles stay in the hammock, burning excess fat in the abdomen, hips and chest, regulating blood circulation.
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana; Also called downward dog position. It ensures proper shaping of the body, regulates the functioning of internal organs.

Which Muscle Groups Can Be Worked With Antigravity Yoga?

The basic principle in hammock yoga is to use your muscle strength by making use of pulling force to lift your body weight. In this way, you make all the muscles in your body work. Since your abdominal, hip, leg, arm, chest and back muscles work in the right proportion, your body is properly shaped and gains health. Mobilization of all your muscles also helps to keep your body young and vigorous.

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