Calming Soothing Face Cream

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Calming Soothing Face Cream

Regular price 1,188.00TL
Sale price 1,188.00TL Regular price 1,320.00TL
Product Description

Calming Soothing Face Cream

Calming moisturizing face cream, which has a high satisfaction level of Alfheim Aromatherapy, which is fed by nature, is an ideal product for individuals with especially sensitive skin type with its soothing effect. The face cream, which strengthens the skin barrier by repairing it rapidly, provides high efficiency in regular use and supports the skin both internally and externally.

What is Calming Soothing Face Cream, What Does It Do?

The formula, specially prepared for sensitive skin that can be easily irritated, strengthens the skin barrier. Thanks to the oils in its content, the skin barrier is strengthened internally and protection against external factors is provided. Face cream, which reduces skin sensitivity in regular use, eliminates color inequalities and creates a natural glow.


Calming natural face cream of the Alfheim brand mainly contains tamanu, lemon balm, centaury, apricot kernels and vitamin E. The formula, which consists of natural ingredients, has anti-allergenic properties. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

How to Use Calming Soothing Face Cream?

Soothing face cream should be applied to clean skin. After washing your face with the product of your choice for skin cleansing, it is recommended to take a sufficient amount of the cream and apply it with upward circular movements. It helps make-up look smooth when applied before sunscreen. High efficiency is obtained when used regularly in the morning and evening.

Does Calming Soothing Face Cream Contain Additives?

Alfheim Aromatherapy Calming soothing face cream consists of natural ingredients. Its carefully prepared formula does not contain harmful additives. Thanks to its natural formula, it can be used safely during pregnancy.


Face care cream, which is only suitable for external use, should not be applied to thin and sensitive areas. It should be stored in a cool and dry place with the lid closed. It should be kept out of reach of children.

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