Firming Firming Facial Oil

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Firming Firming Facial Oil

Regular price 540.00TL
Sale price 540.00TL Regular price 600.00TL
Product Description
This bottle first greets you with its light floral fresh notes.
Alfheim Firming Face Care Oil is a complete, luxurious skin care serum created with 10 different natural extracts to maintain the youthful, firm and dynamic structure of the skin.

It starts to work immediately by penetrating under the skin quickly. It is perfect when coupled with a good facial massage. It is suitable for use before "Firming Face Cream" or alone.

Firming Firming Facial Oil

Firming firming facial care oil is among the favorite care products of Alfheim Aromatherapy. This product, which makes individuals feel special, offers a relaxing effect with its natural content.

What is Firming Firming Facial Oil, What Does It Do?

Firming oil moisturizes the skin with its 10 different ingredients. The care oil, which tightens and revitalizes the skin with intense moisture, provides a pleasant care process with its unique scent. The serum, which is rapidly absorbed by the pores, is applied with a gentle massage to ensure high efficiency.


Firming face firming oil, which is carefully prepared by Alfheim Aromatherapy and has completely natural ingredients, consists of fig seed, immortal flower, rosehip seed, grape seed, jojoba, geranium, vitamin E, argan and bergamot.

How to Use Firming Firming Facial Oil?

It should be applied to the skin that has been purified with a skin tightening oil cleanser that can be used in the daily care routine. After application, it nourishes the skin with intense moisture and provides tightening and revitalization. After applying the oil, a different substance should not be applied to the skin for 1 hour.

Does Firming Firming Facial Oil Contain Additives?

Firming, the firming face care oil of the Alfheim brand, does not contain any additives. The product, which consists of natural oils, shows its effect from the first use with its nourishing formula.


Firming Firming Facial Oil has a suitable structure for external use. It should not be contacted with sensitive areas such as eyes and eye area. The product, which should be kept in cool and dry places with the lid closed, should be kept out of reach of children. It is recommended to consult health professionals for use by pregnant women and children.


Customer Reviews

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Gaye Altan

Yağların hepsi birbirinden güzel artık başka bir marka kullanmayı düşünmüyorum çok marka denedim fakat doğallığına güvendiğim tek marka oldu cildim çok hassas hiçbir yan etkisi olmadı.

nida metin

ürün bayağı kaliteli hediye paketiniz ve notunuz için teşekkür ederim hediyeniz için ayrıca teşekkür ederim. kremini di inşallah alırım.

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