Flower Lover Massage Oil

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Flower Lover Massage Oil

Regular price 704.00TL
Sale price 704.00TL Regular price 880.00TL
Product Description

Flower Lover Body Massage Oil Benefits

Flower Lover Massage Oil is a luxurious and feminine massage oil design for flower lovers from Alfheim. Floral massage oil, formulated from flower oils, provides skin care and regeneration. It is spiritually balancing and stimulating. It helps to increase mental clarity while reducing stress and tension with floral scents. Floral scented massage oil is ideal for those who want to experience a unique scent therapy together with massage.


Fractionated Coconut oil, Geranium oil, Lavender oil, Ylang ylang oil, Lemon oil, Balm oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile oil, Jasmine oil.

Flower Lover Massage Oil Based on Fractionated Coconut Oil

Synergistic floral-scented oils that uplift and balance moods are blended with fractionated coconut oil. Thanks to the small lauric acid oil molecules, it quickly penetrates the skin and softens it. It provides long-term humidity by preventing moisture loss. It supports the development of beneficial bacteria on the skin surface. Soothes sensitive skin.

How to Use Flower Lover Massage Oil?

You can use Flower Lover Massage Oil on the whole body. Circular massage movements with sufficient amount of oil are applied to the area to be treated. Moisturizes and protects your skin by nourishing it. It is supportive in providing soul and body integrity with synergistic essential oils. It refreshes and elevates the mood. It brings to the fore the feelings of warmth and protection.

Does Flower Lover Body Care Oil Contain Additives?

Does not contain additives. Flower Lover Body Massage Oil is obtained by blending 100% natural and synergistic aromatherapy oils.

Where is Flower Lover Body Oil Used?

Flower Lover Body Oil is suitable for amateur and professional massage applications. Its spray capped packaging provides ease of application. Flower Lover Body massage oil, which is the choice of luxury massage parlors and spas, can be applied to the whole body.


It is for external use only. Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as eyes and surroundings. Store in a cool, dry place away from children with the lid closed.

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