Hair Care Hair Care Oil

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Hair Care Hair Care Oil

Regular price 535.50TL
Sale price 535.50TL Regular price 595.00TL
Product Description
Argan, Babassu, Turpentine, Ylang Ylang, Cedar, Jojoba, Sesame, Sweet Almond, Nettle Seed and Vitamin E.

Thanks to its rich formula, Alfheim Hair Care Oil provides intensive care to the hair from root to tip, and contributes effectively to prevent hair loss, breakage and hair skin problems with a multi-functionality. It is an excellent toner for damaged hair and weak hair roots. It gives the hair the energy it needs for a healthy look.

Hair Care Hair Care Oil

Hair Care hair care oil is among the favorite hair care products of Alfeim Aromatherapy. The formula, which is prepared in accordance with human nature with its natural ingredients without additives, helps you to have shiny and lively hair with its effective structure.

What is Hair Care Hair Care Oil?

Hair Care hair care oil, which is among the acclaimed products of the Alfheim brand, strengthens the hair by nourishing it with its natural and rich content. The product, which is added to the hair care routine and used regularly, quickly revitalizes the damaged hair.

Benefits of Hair Care Hair Care Oil

Hair Care restorative hair care oil of Alfheim Aromatherapy is prepared for all hair types. Hair Care hair care oil has many benefits. The product ensures that the scalp maintains its moisture balance. The product with natural ingredients, which nourishes and softens the hair, increases shine.

The product, which prevents problems in hair and scalp, helps to solve problems such as shedding and breakage with its rich content. It creates an energetic look by strengthening the hair from root to tip.

How to Use Hair Care Hair Care Oil?

Hair Care is very practical in terms of using hair care oil. After squeezing an amount of oil suitable for your hair density, it is recommended to apply it by massaging from the root to the tip of the hair. It is important that the hair is clean in order for the oil to be effective. After waiting for at least 45 minutes, you should rinse your hair with water. You can get more efficiency by increasing the waiting time of the hair care oil.

Does Hair Care Hair Care Oil Contain Additives?

Natural hair care oil carefully prepared by Alfheim; It consists of sesame oil, almond oil, argan oil, ylang ylang oil, babassu, jojoba oil, nettle seed oil, cedarwood oil and vitamin E. The product, which contains only natural ingredients, does not contain additives.


Hair Care Hair Care Oil is suitable for external use. It is recommended not to contact sensitive areas such as eyes and eye area. It is stored in dry and cool areas with the lid closed. Professionals should be consulted for use by pregnant women and children.


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