Hemp Seed Oil - for professionals

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Hemp Seed Oil - for professionals

Regular price 729.00TL
Sale price 729.00TL Regular price 810.00TL
Product Description

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil?

Organic Hemp Seed Oil is supportive for skin and health with its optimal ratio of Linoleic and Alpha Linoleic acid content.
Perfect for extremely dry skin, this unique nourishing medium-thick oil helps support skin function as its own rich source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and vitamin E.
It works in harmony with the skin as an outstanding protective barrier. With its benefits to the skin, hemp seed oil provides flexibility to dry skin and revitalizes cell metabolism.


10% Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis sativa). Alfheim cold pressed hemp seed oil is compatible with the Max Rubner Institut Fixed Oil Database.

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

Strengthens the skin's horn barrier. Provides a beautiful and resistant skin appearance with regular use. It helps the skin in removing skin cracks. The regenerating and nourishing oil provides nourishment and elasticity to dry and oily skin. It is supportive in pregnancy and other skin cracks, irritated skin.

Why Use Cannabis Seed Oil?

Valuable for an intensely nourishing and relaxing massage experience, Organic Hemp Seed Oil structures the skin's barrier protection.

Does Cannabis Seed Oil Contain Additives?

Organic Hemp Seed Oil does not contain additives. It does not contain synthetic dyes, perfumes, mineral oil, alcohol and chemical preservatives.

Where Is Cannabis Seed Oil Used?

Hemp Seed Oil can also be used with its benefits for hair. Valuable fatty acids nourish and revitalize hair and scalp. It provides the natural care your skin needs for a sensory and physical massage session.

What Does Hemp Seed Oil Do?

Refreshes the skin. It cares for dry and sensitive skin. It structures the horn layer of the skin. Adds elasticity to dry skin. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and accelerates metabolism by providing deep care.


Contact with eyes should be avoided.

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