Anti-Aging Firming Set

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Anti-Aging Firming Set

Regular price 1,859.00TL
Sale price 1,859.00TL Regular price 2,860.00TL
Product Description

Firming Firming Body Oil

Formulated with oils that support the skin's youth mechanism, Firming firming body oil tightens the skin and protects it against the appearance of sagging and cellulite. It helps tighten the skin. This firming and equalizing body oil, created with the synergistic combination of 8 different herbal aromatherapy oils, energizes and provides vitality with its floral notes.


Sesame oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil, grape seed oil, lavender oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, geranium oil.

Benefits of Firming Firming Body Oil

Firming massage oil tightens the skin. It helps the skin renew itself by nourishing it against cellulite and sagging. With a correct massage, it increases microcirculation and contributes to the revitalization of the skin in all its aspects. Firming Firming Body Oil contains grape seed massage oil, which is the fountain of youth of the skin. At the same time, thanks to the rosemary oil it contains, it purifies the mind during the massage and adds a calm awareness to the mind.

How to Use Firming Firming Massage Oil?

It can be applied to the whole body. Firming body oil is applied via massage to prevent sagging and cellulite in the abdomen and hip area. For sagging and wrinkles in the d├ęcollet├ę area, you can apply it to this area with your fingertips and light massage movements. You can contact Alfheim to get detailed information about firming body oil prices and campaigns.

Does Firming Firming Body Oil Contain Additives?

It does not contain additives. Firming effective massage oil is a synergistic massage oil created with 100% natural and herbal aromatherapeutic oils.

What is Firming Firming Face Cream?

Firming face cream; It gives a moist, healthy and radiant look. Firming Firming Cream, which helps correct sagging that occurs with age, restores youth to the skin. Developed to provide deep moisturizing, the product increases skin elasticity with the peptides it contains.

It is necessary to reach the required moisture level for a tight, smooth and bright appearance. You can achieve both firm and moist skin with firming cream.

What is Firming Firming Face Cream Made for?

Firming skin firming face cream was developed to stimulate collagen production. The skin, which can produce collagen and elastin, becomes resistant to aging.

The product aims to tighten the skin and restore the moisture it needs, thanks to the ingredients it contains. The appearance of wrinkles is minimized on the skin that regains its moisture balance.

As the skin reduces collagen production over time, the pores begin to open. Firming cream destroys the porous structure. If you wish, you can strengthen skin repair with Alfheim Aromatherapy products.


Fig seed comes to the fore in the content of the product, which is fortified with vitamin E. Contributing to cell renewal, fig seed prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Collagen support in the product is strengthened with orange. Orange, which is a good source of vitamin C, cleanses the skin from dead cells.

Firming Firming Face Cream

It is necessary to apply the firming moisturizing face cream on clean skin. Regular use is important to get maximum benefit from the product.

Firming Firming Facial Care Oil

Firming firming facial care oil is among Alfheim Aromatherapy's favorite care products. This product, which makes individuals feel special, offers a relaxing effect with its natural content.

What is Firming Firming Facial Care Oil and what does it do?

Firming oil moisturizes the skin with its 10 different ingredients. The care oil, which tightens and revitalizes the skin with intense moisture, provides a pleasant care process with its unique scent. The serum, which is quickly absorbed by the pores, is applied with a gentle massage to ensure high efficiency.


Firming facial firming oil, carefully prepared by Alfheim Aromatherapy and containing completely natural ingredients, consists of fig seed, immortelle flower, rosehip seed, grape seed, jojoba, geranium, vitamin E, argan and bergamot.

How to Use Firming Firming Facial Care Oil?

It should be applied to the skin cleansed with a skin firming oil cleanser that can be used in the daily care routine. After application, it provides tightening and revitalization by nourishing the skin with intense moisture. After applying the oil, no other substance should be applied to the skin for 1 hour.

Does Firming Firming Facial Care Oil Contain Additives?

Firming, the firming face care oil of the Alfheim brand, does not contain any additives. The product, consisting of natural oils, shows its effect from the first use with its nourishing formula.


Firming Firming Facial Care Oil has a structure suitable for external use. It should not be contacted with sensitive areas such as the eyes and the area around the eyes. The product, which should be kept in cool and dry places with its lid closed, should be kept out of reach of children. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for use by pregnant women and children.

Customer Reviews

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one hundred%
Zeynep G├Âkdere

I bought it on the recommendation of Merve Demirci, she has been sharing about you for a long time and I think she chose the right brand to share. I tried some of your products, you are a wonderful, high quality and luxurious brand. Congratulations. So, Turks can do good things too.

esra u├žkun

I would definitely buy it, I go to zumba and pilates classes, I apply it before I go, I noticed the extra difference, the smell is very nice, I apply it to my hip area, I will especially stock up, the shipping was fast, I had no problems, the packaging was careful. Not to mention your gift package, it was amazing.

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