Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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Üretim Metodu: distillation
Kaynak: Flower
Botanik İsim: Cananga Odorata
Miktar: 10 mL
Does not contain Paraben, SLES, Dye, Perfume, Sulfate, SLS, Preservatives, Silicones, Additives
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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Regular price 495.00TL
Sale price 495.00TL Regular price 550.00TL
Product Description

Ylang ylang oil, which stands out with its purifying and relaxing properties, is obtained from the flowers of the ylang ylang tree, a tropical climate tree. Ylang ylang flowers resemble starfish and are yellow-green in color. Ylang ylang oil is frequently used in skin care for its sebum balancing, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Additionally, this oil is effective in strengthening hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

Ylang ylang oil, which is also frequently used in aromatherapy, acts as a natural moisturizer. It helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance. It is a natural oil that is effective in making the skin look healthy and young. Ylang ylang oil can be used to combat skin problems such as acne and pimples. Ylang oil is a completely natural product that makes the skin look healthier and more visible with regular use . It does not contain foreign substances or components. The components contained in the oil itself have positive effects on the skin. You can order natural and effective ylang ylang oil as an original product from our website.

Natural Ylang Ylang Oil

Using natural oils is very important to see their benefits. You can safely access many alternatives in natural oil options with the assurance of our brand. You can safely buy natural ylang ylang oil and experience all its advantages. This valuable oil offers many benefits. Ylang ylang oil also supports hair health. It can be preferred to strengthen hair roots. It is known as the number one oil in hair care. Ylang ylang oil is very effective in balancing skin tone and achieving healthy skin. The miraculous effects of this oil can be used to eliminate skin problems and achieve healthy skin.

Ylang ylang is a type of oil that falls into the essential oil class. This completely natural oil is obtained from a tropical tree. Ylang ylang oil, which is effective in reducing stress, supports a balanced mood. Studies have shown that it reduces the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. It is known to reduce the mental and physical symptoms of stress. It has a blood pressure regulating effect. It is effective in reducing the risk of hypertension. When purchasing ylang yang oil, you can shop from our website as an original and natural product with an advantageous price difference.

How to Use Ylang Ylang Oil?

Ylang ylang oil works when applied directly to the skin or inhaled. Since it is a volatile oil, it must be used diluted. 3 drops are enough for a tea glass of water. How to use ylang ylang oil The answer to the question is that it depends on what it will be used for. Its uses for hair, skin or stress are different from each other. For example, when used for stress, it can be diluted and applied to the neck and wrists. It can also be used by adding just a few drops into the creams you use. You can also use this valuable oil, which balances the skin and soul, by adding 2-3 drops to your moisturizer. When applied to the hair, it should be massaged into the scalp and left on the scalp for 20 minutes.

How to use ylang ylang oil It depends on what it will be used for. You can easily see its benefits when used correctly and in moderation. Use of ylang ylang oil It is also common in perfume making. However, as with all oils, it is necessary to choose oils with original and natural ingredients. In this respect, you can always find natural and original products on our website and start using them by purchasing them with the assurance of our brand.

What is Ylang Ylang Oil Used For?

This tropical oil has many benefits. Ylang ylang oil can be used for skin, hair, for a calmer soul, and to increase sexual urges. When used for the skin, it helps reduce the effects of skin aging. Protects skin health. What is ylang ylang oil used for? The answer to the question can be answered as for skin, hair and mental-spiritual relaxation. It provides anti-aging results with its antioxidant effect in skin care. It helps the skin look healthier while maintaining sebum balance. It helps hair grow quickly and become strong. It ensures that you have healthy and shiny hair. It supports spiritual balance, allowing you to be calmer and more serene.

Ylang Ylang Oil Price

Original ylang ylang oil prices vary depending on product quality. The price of specially produced ylang ylang oil on our website is an economical option at a discounted price. You can find this valuable oil, which provides both psychological and physical benefits with its natural effect, on our website at the most affordable price. Ylang ylang oil greatly reduces stress and helps relaxation while supporting emotional balance. It provides a calmer mood. Ylang ylang massage oil improves mood by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. When using this valuable oil, it is very important that it is original. On our website, you can always find the most valuable oils with their original and natural ingredients at affordable prices.

Ylang Ylang Oil Properties

Ylang ylang oil has a wonderful scent. Thanks to this scent, it gives positive energy and vitality. It helps fight skin cancer thanks to some compounds it contains. It protects against heart diseases as it accelerates blood circulation. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it ensures rapid hair growth. It has an effect that helps rapid healing of skin deformations. Ylang snake oil, which accelerates the digestive system, also helps to lose weight in a healthy way. This oil prevents acne and acne formation and also equalizes skin tone. While it makes the skin look both healthier and younger, it also offers very effective results against stress. It helps eliminate the negative effects of stress.

Ylang ylang oil frequency is a peaceful and calm frequency. Ylang ylang oil puts people in a balanced, calm mood. Massage with this oil relieves people of stress and helps them achieve a calmer mood. It has a stunning feminine aphrodisiac effect. It is preferred to be more effective in sex due to its aphrodisiac effect. Since it has a very strong aroma, the aphrodisiac effect of the oil appears immediately. It quickly stimulates sexual urge. However, this oil cannot be applied directly to the skin. It must be applied diluted. You can get relief by applying completely natural and original ylang ylang oil to your wrists and neck. You can order original ylang ylang oil from our website and benefit from advantageous price discounts.

Where to Buy Ylang Ylang?

After learning the properties of ylang ylang oil, you may have wondered where to sell ylang ylang oil . You can order ylang ylang oil very easily from our website. With the digital conveniences and special discounts we offer, you can buy original products and experience the advantages of using products with natural ingredients.

Ylang ylang oil is an essential oil that provides versatile benefits. It is obtained from the flower called Cananga Odorata, which grows as a yellow tropical flower on the Cananga tree, which grows in a tropical climate. It can create miraculous effects in skin care with its antioxidant properties. The properties of ylang ylang oil include numerous properties that provide many health benefits. Offering effective natural care support, ylang ylang oil has antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and soothing properties.

You can find original ylang ylang oil, which provides both physical and mental relaxation, on our website and order it at a discounted price. Regular care with this oil will have visible effects on your skin. You can also get help from this oil to get rid of stress. You can examine the original products on our site to benefit from discounts and campaign advantages as well as ylang oil price options.

Ylang Ylang Oil Production Stages

The first step in the production of ylang ylang oil is to collect the flowers of the Changa tree and then carry out the distillation process. Ylang ylang oil is obtained through the distillation process. After the stages of collection of flowers, steam distillation, fractional distillation and storage, ylang ylang becomes essential oil .

Ylang ylang oil is an oil frequently preferred in perfumes. Ylang ylang oil has very special effects. Its aphrodisiac effect is one of them. It has the feature of activating sexual impulses. It is also very effective in reducing stress and calming down. That's why it even has a special massage. It is possible to relax and rejuvenate with ylang ylang massage. It stands out with its healing effect on the skin and hair. You are at the right place to buy original ylang ylang oil. You can easily order ylang ylang oil at discounted prices from our website.

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It has a characteristic masculine scent. If it had a perfume, I would use it on my husband. I like it very much, it smells earthy and woody.

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