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Things to Know About Tattoo Care

Sep 16, 2023

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A tattoo is defined as a permanent or temporary work of art applied to the skin that reflects people's tastes in life and can be done in color or black and white. This work of art is often described as a type of open wound. The machines used for its production have a needle that moves continuously and quickly to inject ink into the lower part of the skin. With every movement of this needle, a hole opens in the skin. Ink is sprayed deep into the skin according to the drawn shape. Proper tattoo care ensures that the work maintains its vitality for a long time without any damage. It also greatly reduces the risk of catching infections.

Tattoo care is very important to prevent damage to the skin. For proper care, it is first necessary to know what effects this process has on the skin.

What Effect Does a Tattoo Create on the Skin?

When tattooing, special paints produced for the application are used. These dyes are processed into the dermis, the lower layer of the skin, with the help of needles with extremely thin tips. Therefore, many wounds, the size of a needle tip, are opened on the skin. The fact that the structure of the tattoo needle is very thin and moves quickly increases the rate of wounding. In addition, since there is more than one needling process depending on the tattoo or color tone used, the number of micro wounds formed on the skin is also high. Dermis layer; After the tattooing process, the repair work begins. During this process, things like crusting occur. However, at the end of these stages, the skin cells trap the dye under the skin. This helps the tattoo to be permanent. Post-tattoo care is important to preserve its permanence and prevent health from being endangered .

How to Care for a Tattoo?

The subject of tattooing, which is a culture, is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. In this respect, the number of people wondering how to care for a tattoo has increased. The most important and basic step in taking care of a tattoo is to moisturize the tattoo. Also, keeping the skin clean is among the important points. If this area is not cleaned regularly, acne or a rough appearance may occur. However, it should not be forgotten that the tattoo should be protected from the sun to prevent the colors from fading. It is recommended that people carry sun protection products suitable for sensitive skin. For this protection, the tattoo does not have to be in a visible place. The same applies to tattoos applied to invisible areas.

New Tattoo Care

The question of how tattoo care should be can be answered simply. After the tattoo is made, the area is wrapped with a stretch film. It is recommended that this stretch film remain in place for approximately three hours. Afterwards, it is necessary to gently clean the area with cold water and antibacterial cleansers. Then, it should be dried with a paper towel, without applying too much pressure and using tampon movements. Finally, tattoo creams with repair ingredients can be applied and stretched again. Creaming and stretch change should be done every three hours. Tattoo first day care is very important for health.

After waking up, the stretch left over from the night needs to be replaced. It is necessary to pay extra attention to sterilization at every step of these processes. If you are in a clean environment, the tattoo can be allowed to air before stretching. After the three-day stretching phase, care can be continued with creaming. This three-day period can be described as new tattoo care .

Colored Tattoo Care

Colored tattoo care is important for long-term trouble-free use. After getting a tattoo, it is necessary to avoid excessively tight clothing, especially for the first 15 days. It is also important to prevent the tattoo from being exposed to the sun for the first 15 days. This allows the tattoo to heal faster. It also largely prevents the tattoo from collecting water.

The life of the tattoo's color can be extended by applying sunscreen every time after the first two weeks. Going out in the sun without protection or being exposed to rays can cause problems such as fading or discoloration, especially in colored tattoos. Therefore, care should be taken to protect from the sun.

Common Mistakes in Tattoo Care

It is important to complete the care properly after getting a tattoo . However, many people make some mistakes in this part. Even small mistakes during the care of newly applied tattoos can lead to major consequences. Scratching, stretching or stretching the tattooed skin are examples of these mistakes. The tattooed area is extremely sensitive, especially in the first days. This area should be touched minimally. Generally, itching may occur in the first days. This itching can be relieved with tattoo care creams.

Trying to peel off the tattoo, making it bleed, or touching it with dirty hands are among the most common care mistakes. After getting a permanent tattoo, it is necessary to continue care for a while and not touch the shell. The answer to the question of how long does tattoo care take varies depending on people's skin structure. It is beneficial to continue care for an average of 2 days to 6 weeks.

Things to Consider After Getting a Tattoo

It is very important to use a perfume-free moisturizer to keep the tattooed area moist . A tattoo left open after the first three days becomes more prone to drying and crusting when it comes into contact with oxygen. Moisturizers and tattoo creams are vital for the crusting and peeling process to proceed more healthily. If the shells are removed, discoloration will occur in the tattoo. For this reason, keeping the applied area moist at the required level and allowing the crusts to fall off on their own will ensure that the process goes smoothly.

When tattoos are exposed to intense sun, their colors may fade. In such cases, black tattoos usually turn green. Colored ones lose their liveliness. For this reason, high factor sunscreens can be applied on the tattoo to keep it in the same shape.

Care Recommendations for Long-Term Tattoos

For long-term tattoos, care must be taken during the care process. The reason for the question "How many days does tattoo care take?" may vary depending on skin type. Generally, the maintenance process continues for up to 6 weeks. The same applies to the care process after tattoo removal . Small tips to be applied in this process can be listed as follows:

  • Avoiding direct exposure of the tattoo to sunlight
  • Avoid swimming in the sea or pool for 1 month
  • Applying sunscreen on the tattoo in sunny weather or choosing clothes that will cover the tattoo
  • Do not wear tight clothing over the tattoo for the first month
  • Prolonging recovery time by preventing breathing
  • Since active activities such as sports or exercise may cause sweating, wash with plenty of water after these activities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Care

How many times a day should cream be applied to a tattoo?

Due to high absorption, it is necessary to apply cream 4 to 5 times a day. When cream application is stopped, fading of the tattoo becomes inevitable.

How many days should the tattoo not be touched by water?

During the healing process of the tattoo, you should not use saunas, Turkish baths, swimming pools or swimming pools for 2 to 4 weeks. Taking a shower is good for a tattoo. However, you should take a shower with warm water in the first week.

What to apply after getting a tattoo?

It is necessary to apply moisturizer after getting a tattoo. Repairing creams can also be used. Sunscreens are suitable for use when exposed to the sun.

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