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What Causes Under-Eye Bruises and How Does It Go?

Mar 01, 2023

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Under-eye bruises refer to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It can be observed around the eyes as well as on the eyelids. If the tissue surrounding the eye has a darker tone than the skin color, it indicates that you have dark circles under the eyes.

Many different topics can be counted as an answer to the question of what causes dark circles under the eyes. Since there is a delicate and thin tissue around the under eye area, the effect of environmental factors in this area becomes immediately observable.

Under-eye bruising is a condition that may be caused by genetic factors. Having a thinner-than-normal under-eye skin hereditary causes the appearance of dark circles to be evident.

Many factors such as sleeping irregularly or spending more time sleeping than necessary, not being able to meet your body's water needs, unbalanced diet, and fatigue increase the possibility of bruising around the eyes.

Irregular and unhealthy habits need to be changed in order for the bruises around the eyes to go away. By using various eye care products prepared with healthy and natural ingredients, you can prevent the formation of dark circles and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Causes of Under Eye Bruises

The formation of bruises around the eyes causes the changes in the thin tissue under the eyes to become immediately noticeable. The answer to the question of what causes bruising under the eyes includes both environmental and genetic factors.

  • Genetically, those with darker skin and lower eyelids are predisposed to hyperpigmentation if they have thinner skin. Hyperpigmentation increases the appearance of vessels, resulting in a darker under-eye color.
  • Seasonal allergies can be the cause of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Environmental factors such as harmful habits and sun exposure cause the appearance of under-eye circles.
  • Insomnia or oversleeping, which occurs in case of not getting enough sleep, causes dark eye circles.
  • Experiencing a state of dehydration invites dark circles under the eyes. The inability to meet the daily water requirement and the intense loss of water in the body increase the appearance of dark eyes.
  • Excessive exposure to blue light emitted from the screens of various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and televisions is an important factor in the formation of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Being completely unprotected without applying sunscreen or sunscreen creates bruises under the eyes. When the melanin pigment meets the sunlight, synthesis occurs, the pigmentation increases in the area and the under-eye becomes dark.
  • Various eye conditions and disorders can create a condition that triggers dark circles under the eyes.
  • Conditions such as fatigue and weakness are the causes of dark under-eyes.
  • As the skin tissue begins to thin during the aging process, under-eye bruises may begin to occur. In this process, the loss of collagen and fat in the subcutaneous tissue is among the main reasons for the formation of dark circles under the eyes.

How Does Under-Eye Bruise Go?

One of the answers to the question of how to remove dark circles under the eyes can be to change some daily routines. Thanks to permanent solutions for dark circles under the eyes, the appearance of dark circles can be reduced and their recurrence can be prevented.

  • An average of 8 hours of regular sleep, which can meet the needs of the body, helps to eliminate the expression of bruising in the eyes.
  • Having a healthy diet is important to reduce under-eye circles. It's important to include nutrients such as fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and lean proteins in meal menus. Reducing excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption can be incorporated into a regular diet.
  • By drinking plenty of water, you can observe a decrease in your under-eye circles by meeting the body's need for sufficient water.
  • Under-eye masks made with natural ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark circles. You can follow methods such as applying a cucumber mask or keeping tea bags in the eyes.
  • With the cold compress method, you can relieve the bags and swelling under the eyes.
  • If you have visual impairment, using glasses or lenses suitable for your impairment will have a positive effect on under-eye circles.
  • You can keep the eye area constantly moist to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

What should be done to prevent dark circles under the eyes?

Regardless of the cause of under-eye bruises, you can use many methods to prevent their formation. You can apply various masks around your eyes using natural materials, or you can use Alfheim eye care products that you are sure of their natural content.

Overexposure to UVA and UVB rays is a triggering factor for dark circles under the eyes. You can take advantage of different ways to protect yourself from harmful sun rays and prevent the formation of dark circles under the eyes. You can provide a high level of protection by applying to sunscreens with UVA and UVB protective qualities or various sun lotions. Using sunglasses in addition to the creams you apply is a move that increases protection.

You can use various eye care products to prevent dark circles under the eyes. You can achieve a healthier eye area appearance with the completely natural plant-based care products available in Alfheim Aromatherapy. Natural eye creams provide visible improvement in a short time and play an active role in reducing bruises.

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