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How to Care for Eyebrows? Eyebrow Augmentation Methods

Mar 01, 2023

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Eyebrows are the most important part of the face. It allows to emphasize the appearance and to display a balanced stance. From the serious posture your face can convey to the protection of your eyes from sunlight, many factors depend on the appearance of your eyebrows. You need to take care of your eyebrows to show an impressive appearance and make the most of the positive aspects of your expressions. So, how to care for eyebrows at home? What are the eyebrow enhancement methods? Let's examine what you need to know about eyebrow and eyelash care.

How to Care for Eyebrows at Home?

Eyebrows are very interesting elements of the face. The most admired feature, especially in women, is that it is aesthetic. Eyebrows have other functions as well, and some of them are quite important. For example, it helps protect your eyes from rain, sweat, solar radiation and other harmful substances such as dust. Having beautiful eyebrows both makes you feel good and allows you to stay safe. The issue that comes into play at this stage is eyebrow care. So, how to care for eyebrows? We can say the following about eyebrow care applications:

To care for your eyebrows, you need to strengthen them. You can use castor oil, almond oil and olive oil, which will help your eyebrows grow stronger and healthier than normal. It is enough to apply these natural oils to your eyebrows once a week. It would be a good practice to use carrier oils from the Alfheim collection to fix your eyebrows every day.

When your eyebrows do not grow, it is necessary to stimulate growth. Beautiful eyebrows always look full and balanced. By applying argan oil to your eyebrows every day, you can encourage your eyebrows to grow.

You should not choose any place for eyelash and eyebrow enhancement or eyebrow care. There are many people who claim to be professionals in beauty salons and are actually not. You should avoid surrendering your eyebrows to any stranger's hands. In order not to take risks, it would be best to try methods such as natural ways to raise eyebrows.

You should determine the most suitable shape for your eyebrows by using proper eyebrow removal techniques. Getting the right eyebrow and creating the ideal shape for you is determined by some factors. You have to consider the angles of your face, the shape of your eyes, the size of your forehead and nose. In this way, you will be able to get the right eyebrow design for yourself.

Things to Consider When Caring for Eyebrows

There are many different details to be considered in eyebrow care. It is very important not to use chemical products, especially for rapid eyebrow growth. Apart from this, we can list the points to be considered in eyebrow care as follows:

  • You should pick your eyebrows according to the shape of your face. In this case, it will be most appropriate to shape your eyebrows from the inner edges.
  • You should choose quality makeup and beauty products. In order to ensure that your eyebrows are in good condition, it is useful to turn to the right products. Alfheim special care oils offer the best options for your eyebrows.
  • To lengthen your eyebrows, you can focus on natural products that moisturize them and stimulate their growth. It is especially recommended to avoid chemical-based products. For example, you can make it possible to nourish, moisturize and lengthen your eyebrows with jojoba oil .
  • One of the important steps of eyebrow care is cleaning the eyebrows. You should also clean and wash your eyebrows every time you take a bath as it is on other parts of your body. When cleaning your eyebrows, you should be careful to rub them gently. Using excessive force can cause your eyebrow skin to wear out and your eyebrows to fall out.

What are Eyebrow Augmentation Methods?

Having beautiful looking and well defined eyebrows is extremely simple if you apply various natural techniques to strengthen them. For those with weak eyebrows, eyebrow enhancement techniques will be appropriate. What you can do to make the eyebrows thicker:

  • Clean your eyebrows regularly. You should not neglect to be gentle to your eyebrows during cleaning.
  • Use natural products for eyebrow care. Because chemical-based products can damage your eyebrows.
  • Castor oil is one of the basic ingredients in eyebrow and eyelash care, and it makes both your eyebrows and eyelashes thicker. Therefore, you can care for eyebrows with castor oil.
  • Coconut oil , one of the natural cosmetic products, is dense in terms of antioxidants and vitamins. That's why it is one of the best solutions to make your eyebrows thicker.
  • Due to its moisturizing effect and vitamin E content, almond oil is one of the indispensables of eyebrow care. By applying almond oil to your eyebrows regularly, you can make your eyebrows appear even thicker.

What Are Eyebrow Enhancing Oils?

You can take advantage of the power of some oils, which are miracles of nature, to have fuller, prominent and bushy eyebrows. Oils you can choose for eyebrow thickening at home:

  • Almond oil
  • Argan oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Indian Oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • shea butter
  • Fig seed oil

What Is Good For Shedding Eyebrows?

Shedding may occur in the eyebrows due to hormonal, psychological, environmental and wrong product use. You can use some natural products to replace your shed eyebrows with new ones. In this way, you can have more bushy, pleasant and prominent looking eyebrows. Let's explain what is good for spilled eyebrows:

  • Apricot kernel oil: A part of hair and beauty care for decades, apricot kernel oil is dense in vitamin E, which allows your eyebrows to be strengthened from the root. By applying this natural oil to your eyebrow area, you can make the spilled eyebrows come out in a short time.
  • Argan oil: One of the most preferred oil types to lengthen eyebrows and eyelashes is argan oil. Argan oil, which is dense in terms of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, promotes the regrowth of your eyebrows.
  • Sesame oil: A good option for those who are looking for a solution to shed eyebrows. This type of oil, which is rich in vitamins E and B, also contains magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. It supports the growth of eyebrows due to its intense structural features.
  • Grape seed oil: Another type of oil that is rich in vitamins is grape seed oil . With this natural oil, which has a strong nutritional aspect, you can shorten the process of raising your eyebrows.
  • Olive oil: An oil that nourishes the eyebrows, controls the shedding and moisturizes the eyebrows. The use of olive oil is among the natural ways of removing eyebrows.
  • Rice bran oil: A natural product proven to be effective in strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows. You can make your new eyebrows grow with rice bran oil .

With Alfheim Aromatherapy products, you can effectively take care of your eyebrows and feel better.


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