Argan oil

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├ťretim Metodu: Cold Press
Kaynak: Sunflower seed
Botanik ─░sim: Argania spinosa
Miktar: 30 mL
Does not contain Paraben, SLES, Dye, Perfume, Sulfate, Pesticides SLS, Preservatives, Silicones, Additives
Recyclable packaging and packaging. -Ecofriendly
Suitable for all skin types
Not tested on animals. -Vegan Friendly
100% Natural.
Low carbon footprint
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Argan oil

Regular price 459.00TL
Sale price 459.00TL Regular price 510.00TL
Product Description
tree in Morocco; It is the deepest expression of symbiosis between humans, animals and plants. The rich oil of this fruit tree is known as the liquid gold of the Berbers. Argan can be used in countless versions for beautiful hair and well-groomed skin.

Argan oil is one of the natural oils with an extremely rich and nutritious content. Due to the benefits it provides, it is among the popular aromatic and natural oils for skin, hair and nail care.

The oil obtained from the seeds of the argan tree contains Omega-3 and vitamin E. Therefore, it is a very useful type of oil. It is frequently preferred in both skin products and shampoos. Pure argan oil has a natural content. It has its own unique features. It is extremely valuable, especially thanks to the benefits it offers to skin and hair. If applied correctly, it is possible to observe its positive effects in a short time. Natural argan oil is used in many different ways. You can analyze its benefits and all its features in detail and start using it practically.

Natural Argan Oil

This oil, obtained from the seeds of the argan tree, nourishes the hair from root to tip. It contains both vitamin A and E. In this way, it offers natural moisturizing properties. It is also used to make the scalp healthy. The best argan oil supports the healing process of many problems. Thanks to the natural and organic oils we offer, you will notice our quality as the best argan oil brand with our products that are everyone's first choice. We specially formulate our organically produced products for the repair and care of hair. Therefore, we recommend its regular use.

Original argan oil allows you to achieve a vibrant, bright and well-groomed appearance with regular use. Thanks to these support products, it is also possible to prevent breakage and spillage. The type of oil in question also gives elasticity to the hair strands. In this way, breakage, lifelessness and dull appearance are eliminated. Care can be started with shampoos containing this oil. To support the process, you can evaluate our serum options.

Cold Pressed Argan Oil

The homeland of the tree species from which natural argan oil is obtained is known as Algeria and Morocco. It is obtained from the seeds of a tree called Arganio Spinosa, which resembles the olive tree and has green and yellow leaves and grows up to 15 meters tall. Therefore, it contains herbal ingredients. Argan tree is a thorny plant. Therefore, collecting its fruits and seeds is extremely difficult. Our company, which is among the argan oil brands , acts very meticulously at this point.

Argan; It turns into oil by processing the seeds of the fruits growing on the tree. This type of oil is also referred to as liquid gold among the public. Its popularity has increased rapidly in recent years. For this reason, the region where these trees live is also protected by UNESCO.

Real argan oil ensures maximum benefits. Therefore, it is important to choose products from reliable companies. As Alfheim, we offer you the confidence you are looking for with our quality, natural ingredients in each of our products.

Best Argan Oil

Cold-pressed argan oil is obtained from the seeds of hard and shelled fruits. People living in the Moroccan region prepare this oil with their own and natural methods because it is healthy. During the production phase, the seeds of the fruit are first peeled. Then the inner parts are ground. As a result, a doughy paste is formed. This paste is kneaded by adding water. Afterwards, oil appears. The golden oil accumulated on the paste is argan oil. This process takes approximately two days on average. When we make natural production, one hundred kilos of seeds are used and 1.8 kilograms of oil is obtained.

Argan oil attracts the attention of many people with its content. Its biggest advantage is that it is rich in vitamins. At the same time, its antioxidant content is extremely high. The fatty acids it contains nourish both hair and skin in the best way.

Best Argan Oil Brand

If you are looking for an answer to the question of which brand is the best argan oil, just look at the natural and high-quality Alfheim Argan Oil options. Correct use is extremely important to obtain maximum benefit. This type of oil can be used by applying it directly to the skin. However, the possibility of allergic reactions to the skin should also be taken into consideration during use. We recommend that people with allergies try it first. To avoid this risk, it is necessary to first drop a few drops on the small part of the neck and wait. If there is no negative reaction such as skin rash or redness, use can be continued safely.

As the highest quality argan oil brand, you can safely try our company's products to provide moisture support to your skin . This oil can be added to daily care routines with peace of mind. At the same time, other skin care products can be used during use.

What are the Properties of Argan Oil?

Argan oil properties are extremely comprehensive. It is a type of oil obtained from fruits grown in the Sous Valley and is extremely useful. The fruits of the argan tree, which grows in desert climates and arid regions, are both hard and shelly. But the fruits coming out of it are extremely soft. These fruits are crushed and turned into oil.

Argan oil also attracts attention with its benefits. It gives the hair and skin the moisture they need. It also has anti-aging properties. In this way, it can prevent the skin from wrinkling and tighten it. It can repair sensitivity on the skin surface. However, it can also balance irritated areas. It is suitable for use for all skin types. It can prevent unwanted shine on the skin. It contains ingredients that can regulate sebum balance. In this way, it can help deal with problems such as acne or acne. It is also an extremely good solution for lips that crack due to cold, especially in winter months.

Where to Buy Argan Oil?

It is possible to answer the question of where to buy argan oil simply. You can easily find these oil types, which nourish the hair perfectly and protect the health of the skin in the best way, on our page. This oil can provide both a beautiful and well-groomed appearance and protect health; Provides high moisture support. It is an ideal care product, especially for people who dye their hair very frequently. It can nourish the hair from root to tip and give it a soft, voluminous and natural appearance.

There are a lot of people doing research on the price of argan oil . The prices of our natural oils are budget-friendly and will appeal to everyone who prefers quality natural oils. In this way, easy transportation is possible. As Alfheim, we offer quality and original products to our customers. Our products also contain natural ingredients. In this way, you can find the effect you expect in a short time.

Argan Oil Price

Argan oil price depends on many factors. At this point, the quality and content of the main material used in the production process plays a largely determining role in the price point. During the selection phase, focus should be on quality rather than price. Our options with original content ensure visible effects. Our naturally produced varieties are rich in Omega-6 as well as vitamins A, C and E. Therefore, the oil obtained from the argan tree has both restorative and nutritional benefits.

Argan oil prices vary in terms of grammage ratios. Our options are offered for sale in bottles with different volumes such as 10 ml, 50 ml or 75 ml. Each is sold in different price ranges. You can purchase eco-friendly, natural and high-quality aromatic oil options at affordable prices by examining the eco-friendly, natural and high-quality aromatic oil options on our page.

Application Recommendation:
Create your own hair care formula by adding 5-10 drops into Alfheim Shampoo Base.
Massage alone or by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a moist and shiny skin.

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