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The Story of Patchouli (Patchouli/ Tefarik) Oil

Mar 01, 2023

Pa├žuli (Patchouli/ Tefarik) Ya─č─▒'n─▒n Hikayesi

Patchouli Oil Benefits

The scent of patchouli oil has been one of the favorite scents of mankind for centuries with its exotic, oriental and relaxing effect. When you smell its sweet woody, earthy, smoky and heavy scent, you will better understand why the patchouli plant and the patchouli oil obtained from the leaves of this plant are so impressive.

In this article, we continue to explore the impressive scents of Southeast Asia. This week's guest will be Patchouli Oil, which has spread all over the world from Indonesia and the Philippines and was used by hippies for its exotic and oriental scent.

From Chinese and Ayurvedic medical traditions to classical Greek traditions, patchouli, also known as tefarik oil, has been used as a natural and effective supporter for our skin, body and mental health. Patchouli oil benefits are evident in gastrointestinal insufficiency, pain, insomnia, anxiety, varicose veins, wounds and other skin conditions.

Patchouli oil, which is suitable for use on dry, oily, mixed and sensitive skin types, is an ideal natural care support for oily, dry, normal and dandruff hair. It heals the skin with its antibacterial, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects. It helps in removing acne, pimples and skin inflammations. Patchouli oil diluted with carrier oil can be used on wounds and cuts.
Patchouli Oil Benefits

It also has a soothing and relaxing effect on mental problems such as anger, tension, depression, stress, fatigue and anxiety. Its earthy and balsamic scent assists in getting back to the roots, discovering the true cause, and relaxing. It is also frequently preferred in the perfume industry due to its permanent and bottom note profile.
The Chinese, who smoked parchment papers with patchouli leaves and blended their ink with patchouli oil, produced parchments that could remain fragrant and durable for many years. With the scent of patchouli oil, it also repels insects and mites.

Buddhist monks preferred patchouli oil in their sacred baths. Its mystical, earthy, woody pungent scent slows and clears the mind and helps us grasp what is going on more clearly.
Patchouli Oil

What is Patchouli Oil?

Scented fabrics, which were carried from Nature Asia to Europe with the colonization, became the beginning of the recognition of patchouli. Patchouli is among the most preferred natural ingredients of the perfume industry with its highly admired and long-lasting scent. Along with the intense interest and demand, the industrial production of patchouli oil started in the 19th century and commercial oil production was carried out. Hippies will be the ones who remind them of this mystical scent that has been forgotten over time. Thus, the benefits of patchouli oil come back into our lives. Its mystical and oriental scent attracts hippies, and they scent their clothes and linens with patchouli oil, just as Buddhist monks did centuries ago. This scent will protect them from bad energy as well as insects and pests.

Patchouli, a plant that has been used for many years, has become quite famous thanks to the smell of its oil obtained by distillation from its mature leaves. Harvested young leaves are dried for a while to become suitable for oil extraction. Just like the oil itself, their scent matures and gets better as they wait on the leaves. We briefly touched on the question of what is patchouli oil. Now let's take a look at what are the benefits of patchouli oil, what is the use of patchouli oil and how to use patchouli oil.
What is Patchouli Oil

What Does Patchouli Oil Do? Benefits of Patchouli Oil

Patchouli, one of the favorite essential oils of European perfumers with its lasting and mystical scent, has been used as a personal scent by everyone from Buddhist monks to the colorful hippies of the 1960s for balancing and healing the skin and mind for centuries. It is known that patchouli oil is used for skin ailments such as minor wounds and cracks.

In the mental field, when used for anger, tension, depression and anxiety, it balances the mind and helps to discover and remove root worries. It can be preferred for personal and ambient scenting with its sedative-soothing effect.

With its anti-inflammatory effect, it blends well with Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Immortal flower in stress-related inflammation and tension. You can also blend all Citrus oils with patchouli.

The antioxidant capacity of 15 times higher than Vitamin E, one of the powerful antioxidants, shows that the use of patchouli essential oil is important in skin protection and regeneration. Its detoxifying structure protects the skin against free radicals and helps to refresh the skin.
How to Use Patchouli Oil?

How to Use Patchouli Oil?

We mentioned that patchouli oil can be used in the field of skin healing and mind balancing. As with any essential oil, it should not be forgotten that the correct dilution ratios and the right oil selection are important for effective and safe use. You can safely use Alfheim Patchouli Oil with its 32% patchouli alcohol content.

It is very important to dilute the essential oils in the right ratio depending on the area of ÔÇőÔÇőuse and purpose to get the desired result. You can access the Alfheim Essential Oil Dilution Table, which will help you in this regard, in the frequently asked questions section.

Patchouli oil against acne and acne problems; You can mix it with Lavender, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Geranium, Immortal and Bergamot essential oils and then dilute with Alfheim Tamanu Carrier oil . In face applications, make sure that the total essential oil content of the blend does not exceed 5%. And always practice starting at lower rates.

For allergies and skin sensitivity; Chamomile, pelargonium and evergreen essential oils accompany patchouli well. Then blend essential oils with Alfheim St. John's Wort Oil. You can apply it to the relevant area with the help of a clean cotton ball.

For stress and fatigue; Fragrance your environment with the help of an air diffuser by mixing patchouli oil with lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, jasmine, immortelle and lemon oil. You will feel better with the calming and enlightening atmosphere. You can create a relaxing and mind-balancing care routine by diluting the same essential oils with Sesame Oil for a massage experience.

The high antioxidant capacity of patchouli oil makes it an ideal ingredient for skin care. Together with Alfheim Grape Seed oil, they form a wonderful duo in anti-aging care for the eyes and surroundings, neck and d├ęcollet├ę.

We would like to express our endless thanks to the brave traders who brought us the exotic scents of the Far East, to all the farmers from South America to Indonesia who tried to bring this scent to us, to the hippies who made us remember patchouli again, and to Hayat for giving us all these beauties. With our gratitude to him, it is an indescribable source of happiness for us to bring you the highest quality essential oils. Goodbye until we discover another natural miracle together at our next stop! Thanks Life!

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