Tea Tree Essential Oil

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├ťretim Metodu: distillation
Kaynak: Leaf
Botanik ─░sim: Melaleuca Alternifolia Maiden
Miktar: 10 mL
Does not contain Paraben, SLES, Dye, Perfume, Sulfate, SLS, Preservatives, Silicones, Additives
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Vegan Friendly
Not tested on animals.
100% natural
Low carbon footprint
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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Regular price 351.00TL
Sale price 351.00TL Regular price 390.00TL
Product Description

Although tea tree oil has become one of the popular care and herbal product options in recent times, its history dates back to ancient times. Used as a traditional medicine, tea tree natural oil is applied in a variety of treatments, from acne to nail fungus, from cuts to insect bites. This oil, obtained by crushing the leaves of the tea tree, offers many different effects on the skin thanks to its antiseptic and purifying properties.

As the best tea tree oil brand, we offer extremely rich options at this point. You can add a new experience to your maintenance routines thanks to these options, which you can use in different areas and achieve high efficiency. Tea tree oil finds its place in many different cosmetic products. The usage area of ÔÇőÔÇőthis oil is quite wide. It is extremely easy to obtain the expected efficiency if used with the correct methods and ideal proportions. To make the most of the benefits of tea tree essential oil, you can evaluate the quality and natural oil options on our site.

Tea Tree Oil Content

100% Melaleuca Alternifolia Maiden (Pure Tea Tree Oil)

Tea Tree Oil

Products made into tea tree oil can provide many health benefits. It will be beneficial in eliminating skin problems with its antifungal and antiseptic properties. Pure tea tree oil can be tried for deep cleansing of dirty skin as well as acne-causing bacteria . It can provide great effects in eliminating typical skin problems such as acne, dandruff, eczema, fungal infections or acne. It can offer a healthier life by reducing inflammation rates in the skin.

Tea tree essential oil will help regenerate skin cells while maintaining good moisture balance of the skin. In addition to all these, it can also benefit hair health from different angles. First of all, it can prevent shedding problems. It can reduce the rate of dandruff and promise a healthy scalp.

Pure Tea Tree Oil

The best tea tree oil is important in achieving the expected effects. In this case, it is necessary to turn to options with original and natural ingredients. As Alfheim, we offer reliable products with natural and organic content. In this way, quality experience can be obtained without any health hazard. Thanks to its content , natural tea tree oil helps to achieve successful results in the damaged areas you want, while it becomes possible to deal with the problems you want to solve correctly and easily. However, first it is necessary to make an application that addresses the problem to be solved.

Real tea tree oil content is in liquid form. Thus, it does not cause an allergic condition. However, those with sensitive skin can start using this oil under the supervision of a doctor in order to avoid allergic reactions. It may also be appropriate to try it on a small area of ÔÇőÔÇőthe skin first. It is possible to wait a bit and see if there is any allergic reaction.

Tea Tree Oil Essence

Tea tree oil essence is full of extremely rich ingredients. Tea tree, which grows on the southeastern coast of Australia and is also defined as Melaleuca alternifolia, stands out with its antiseptic properties. This oil, obtained by crushing tea tree leaves, may offer skin regenerating properties. In this way, it is frequently preferred in skin care products. The component of tea tree essential oil, defined as terpinen-4-ol, offers antiviral properties. In this way, it can kill viruses and bacteria. Terpinen-4-ol activates white blood cells, which are extremely effective at fighting germs. With its natural content, tea tree oil is seen as a remedy to treat some skin problems and prevent infections. Thanks to its components , tree oil is thought to be good for gum inflammation and canker sores in the mouth.

Tea Tree Oil Properties

Tea tree oil also attracts attention with its properties. Tea tree, whose Latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia, is also known as Indian laurel or tea tree. It is a member of the Myrtle family. Its height can reach approximately 6 to 7 meters. Tea tree oil is best with organic ingredients. tea tree; It has white or cream colored flowers. It also has extremely soft textured and smooth leaves. This plant is native to Queensland, Australia and South Wales. Due to its structure, it is also considered an endemic species. The detail that makes this plant special for people is the essential oil obtained from its leaves.

This oil, which is frequently used in many cosmetic products such as shampoo, cream, tonic, shower gel or lotion, should be applied topically. It is not recommended for use by swallowing. You can choose our products that do not contain additives and are completely natural. You can purchase tea tree oil quickly and safely from our user-friendly website , and purchase natural oils of high quality and at affordable prices.

Tea Tree Oil Price

There are many people who are researching how much tea tree oil is needed. However, since prices will vary widely, it will not be possible to give a specific price. There are many factors that affect tea tree oil price ranges. Grammage ratio is one of the most important factors. The determined sales prices manage to adapt to many budgets. Like all the natural oils offered to you on our site, tea tree oil also makes you happy with its price. You can choose among the products we offer on our page, taking into account your usage rate. Thanks to our discounts and campaigns, as well as our affordable prices, you will have quality oils suitable for your budget.

Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil stands out with its benefits. However, in order to achieve the expected effect, it is necessary to turn to options with original and natural ingredients. At this point, the place you will buy is of great importance. As Alfheim, we aim to bring our natural, organic and quality products to our customers. It is extremely important to turn to reliable companies when purchasing natural oils, such as buying tea tree oil . Otherwise, it may not be possible to achieve the expected effects. It is important to ensure that the oil is both pure and organic. You can take a look at the options we offer for sale in different sizes on our page. From here you can easily place an order for any product type you want.

Best Tea Tree Oil Brand

Our brand always stands out as the best brand of tea tree oil . We aim to offer you a unique experience with our quality and reliable product range. Moreover, we offer our products for sale at attractive prices. In this way, you will have an advantage in almost every aspect. Tea tree oil can be produced in 10 ml and different sizes. You can easily find the option that appeals to you by considering your usage rate. The bottle design of our products is also ergonomic. This brings easy use. It is possible to examine the contents of our products in detail on our page. By conducting comprehensive reviews, you can quickly identify our oil types that meet your expectations.

Other Oils Compatible with Tea Tree Oil

It blends well with Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Clove and Coconut Oil.

Does Tea Tree Oil Contain Additives?

Pure essential oils should not contain chemical additives. All essential and fixed oils you purchase from Alfheim Aromatherapy are additive-free and 100% natural.

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one hundred%
brave enbiya

It definitely has a strong smell, but it is the best tea tree I have found. I wish the price was a little more affordable, but it comes with a wonderful presentation :)

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