Sesame Oil - for professionals

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Sesame Oil - for professionals

Regular price 603.00TL
Sale price 603.00TL Regular price 670.00TL
Product Description

Professional Sesame Oil Benefits

Sesame oil is considered a nerve tonic, it is physically and spiritually empowering. Sesame oil, which is preferred in professional massage applications, is balancing and strengthening both physically and spiritually due to its benefits. The phytochemicals it contains dissolve heavy metals and toxicants in the skin, making it easier to get rid of them from the body. Sesame oil prevents premature skin aging with its benefits to the skin.
It maintains the optimum skin moisture necessary to protect and soften the skin. Contributes to the restructuring of the skin's natural hydrodynamics. Thanks to its balanced ratio between Oleic acid and Linoleic acid, it supports numerous metabolic processes in the body.


100% Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum). Alfheim Aromatherapy essential/carrier oils are compatible with the Max Rubner Institut Fixed Oil Database. Those looking for an answer to the question of how to make sesame oil should definitely prefer cold-pressed and unrefined oils that preserve their nutritious essences.

How to Use Sesame Massage Oil?

Warm a small amount in the palm of the hand and gently massage the whole body in circular motions. The use of sesame oil supports numerous metabolic processes. It deeply moisturizes the skin and provides flexibility. Sesame oil is a great choice for massage treatments. With its warming effect, it relaxes the body and soul. Organic sesame oil renews and protects the skin's protective layer.

Does Sesame Oil Contain Additives?

Contains 100% natural sesame oil: It does not contain synthetic dyes, perfumes, mineral oil, alcohol and chemical preservatives.

Where Is Sesame Oil Used?

Sesame oil obtained by cold pressed method and not subjected to refining preserves valuable fatty acids and phytochemicals. Thus, it is an excellent base for massage sessions applied in professional spas and massage parlors. It helps to dissolve heavy metals and toxics stored in adipose tissues on the skin surface and remove them from the body. The answer to the question of where to use sesame oil is quite broad due to the numerous benefits of sesame oil. Our kitchens have a wide range of uses, from internal consumption to professional massage applications.
Sesame oil price may vary according to the production method and pure grade. While doing sesame oil price research, care should be taken to purchase products that have not lost their nutritive fatty acids and phytochemicals produced by cold pressing method.

What Does Sesame Oil Do for Professionals?

With its benefits to the face, sesame oil provides a valuable care along with jojoba oil in facial care. It is also calming and strengthening for depleted nerves. The answer to the question of what sesame oil does is as diverse as the metabolic processes it supports.

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