Sesame Oil - for professionals - 250 Ml

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Miktar: 250 mL
Does not contain Paraben, SLES, Dye, Perfume, Sulfate, Pesticides SLS, Preservatives, Silicones, Additives
Recyclable packaging and packaging. -Ecofriendly
Suitable for all skin types
Not tested on animals. -Vegan Friendly
100% Natural. -Rich oil blend
Low carbon footprint
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Sesame Oil - for professionals - 250 Ml

Regular price 656.00TL
Sale price 656.00TL Regular price 820.00TL
Product Description

It reveals the natural and pure form of sesame oil, which is known for its many health benefits. This special oil, prepared for professionals, is an oil that people have been benefiting from since ancient times. It helps prevent signs of aging with its antioxidant and vitamin E content.

Sesame oil is obtained from sesame seeds. It is frequently used as a treatment supporter, in the cosmetic industry and in kitchens. This oil, obtained from the seeds in the fruits of the sesame plant, attracts attention with its numerous health benefits. Since it is obtained using the cold press method, the ingredients inside are not damaged. Our sesame oils, offered for professionals, are available on our website as a 100% natural and pure product at advantageous prices. To purchase the best in quality and natural aromatic oils, all you have to do is examine our wide product options offered on our website.

100% Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum). Alfheim Aromatherapy fixed/carrier oils are compatible with the Max Rubner Institute Fixed Oil Database.

Sesame Oil 250 Ml

Sesame oils, which are presented as a source of healing in a 250 ml bottle, are produced by cold pressing method. Cold pressed oils are oils that preserve their natural components during the production process. Sesame oil offers long-term use with 250 ml options. While sesame oil contains plenty of protein, it also contains coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A, B1, E. Additionally, this valuable oil contains sesamin and sesaminol. This oil, suitable for all skin types, is offered to you in recyclable packages. Our brand offers you sesame oils with an environmentally and human-friendly production approach.

Sesame oil, which is frequently preferred for its benefits, is very good for skin health. While preventing the formation of cracks, it also supports the health of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It strengthens nails and prevents them from breaking. It has the ability to relieve headaches. It is used as massage oil with its pain relieving and relaxing effects. You can examine our product, which is a 250 ml rich oil mixture, in detail on our website, purchase it with confidence and start using it.

What is the Difference of Professional Sesame Oil?

Technically, professional sesame oils are no different from each other. It varies only in terms of usage area. Thanks to its easy use, small amounts of products can be used comfortably on the face. Larger products are options that are more suitable for use on skin that requires frequent use. The ingredients of large or small sesame oils are the same. These aromatic oils are natural oils that can be used in many ways. It can be preferred for the face as a cell regenerator. Containing minerals such as zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and manganese, it makes it effective in skin care.

It can be applied to the face for skin care. It renews damaged cells on the face. It is also good for anemia thanks to the iron and minarets it contains. It can also be used to prevent wrinkle formation. Professional sesame oils can also be applied to the skin as massage oil. In the hands of professionals, this oil is very effective. Our professional sesame oil options are a completely natural product. You can discover advantageous prices when ordering 100% natural from our website.

Best Professional Sesame Oil

The product that will enable you to achieve excellent quality in sesame oil is Alfheim sesame oil. As Alfheim, we offer professional quality in sesame oil, which we obtain using completely natural methods. Sesame oil has many benefits. In order for sesame oil's benefits and effects to fully show themselves, the product must be completely natural. You can fully trust our brand's products in terms of purity and naturalness. You can find the best professional sesame oil on our website with affordable prices as well as discount options. You can safely choose completely pure and natural products by taking advantage of the discounts and campaign advantages we offer for budget-friendly shopping.

Professional Sesame Oil for Massage

This valuable aromatic oil, which has relaxing properties, is good for muscle pain. It is a great option as massage oil. The components contained in professional sesame oils also have an anti-aging effect. It also benefits the skin if used in massage. In addition to its refreshing and relaxing effect, it also has a regenerative effect. You can find professional sesame oil for massage on our website and order it with customer-friendly advantages. You can achieve the perfect effect in massage by using the best sesame oil that you can safely purchase from our website.

Where is 250 Ml Sesame Oil Used?

It is possible to use 250 ml of sesame oil in many different places for its many different benefits. You can apply it to the skin to maintain skin health. You can use it safely for its positive effects on the face. This oil has an effect that regenerates damaged cells. It helps prevent signs of aging. You can also use it to protect the health of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It is also commonly used as massage oil for relaxation purposes.

You can also use sesame oil in meals. For example, this oil is also used in making tahini. It may be preferred to balance blood pressure. It is also used to lower cholesterol. If you use this oil regularly for skin health, hair health and nail health, you can see its effects in a short time. It can help protect dental health by gargling. While it is good for oral health, it is also possible to use sesame oil for digestive problems.

How to Use 250 Ml Sesame Oil in Spa?

Sesame oils, presented in a 250 ml bottle, are a complete source of healing. It is an oil frequently used in spas thanks to its benefits and aromatic properties. You can take some sesame oil, which relaxes the body and soul, in your palm and massage it with circular movements. More effective results occur in the spa. Fat penetrates into the body under the influence of steam and heat. Metabolism accelerates and supports slimming. Since it penetrates the skin better, its effect in the spa is greater. You can apply the oil to the body in circular movements while massaging. The 250 ml large size bottle is suitable for long-term use. You can buy 250 ml sesame oil, pure and natural, from our website with confidence in its natural and high-quality content.

How to Use 250 Ml Sesame Oil for Massage?

You can benefit from its benefits on the skin by using this aromatic oil for massage. The oil can be applied to the skin by massaging with fingertips. However, it is necessary to wait for 10 minutes after massaging. Then, the remaining oil can be cleaned from the skin. It can also be mixed with different natural and aromatic oils for massage. You can safely choose from our wide range of products on our website.

This oil, applied by massaging the skin, provides physical and spiritual relaxation. It has a regenerating effect on the skin. It stands out with its both resting and renewal effects. It can be applied to the skin with fingertips in circular movements. When used for massage, take some oil in your palm and apply it to the areas to be massaged. Sesame oils, offered in 250 ml bottles, are products that provide comfort in intensive use. You can examine the 100% natural and pure oil types offered to you on our website.

Professional Sesame Oil Price

Prices of professional sesame oils vary depending on quality. It is necessary to prefer completely natural and pure sesame oils. We offer discounts on the price of 100% pure and natural Alfheim sesame oil. You can benefit from the prices that you will be satisfied with in our product, which reveals the purity and naturalness in a way that you can easily understand, and you can explore the digital facilities on our website to buy the most natural sesame oil at the best price. You can easily choose and order the product you want. When choosing high quality natural and pure oil, you can also benefit from our discounted price opportunities. Our professional sesame oil creates a renewal effect on your skin and a resting effect on your soul. You can safely choose Alfheim sesame oil as a completely pure and natural product.

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