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How To Do Natural Nail Care At Home?

Mar 01, 2023

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Studies show that hands are one of the most important factors when creating a first impression on a person. Well-groomed hands and nails help you create a positive opinion on the other side in a short time. Nail care, which is generally seen as a procedure performed only in beauty salons, can actually be done at home. Since the materials you use and the processes you will do while doing natural nail care at home are completely under your control, you can do your care as you wish.

The nail skin is extremely thin and permeable. Therefore, chemicals used in nail care can easily enter our body. Natural nail care helps us avoid the negative effects of chemicals. At the same time, natural nail care, made with materials that nourish our nails and meet their needs, preserves the color and shape of our nails. Now, let's move on to how nail care should be.

How To Do Natural Nail Care At Home?

The first thing you need to do for natural nail care is to wipe if you have nail polish on your nail. Afterwards, you can soak your hands ready for care in a mixture of lemon juice and oil, which you will drip into a bowl of warm water for the softening of the cuticles. At this stage, you can drip sweet almond oil into the water. Sweet almond oil, which is one of the first choices of those who are looking for natural methods for nail care, softens your cuticles and hands and prepares them for the next stages of natural nail care.

After keeping your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes, you can clean your cuticles more easily and shape your nails more easily. If there is a nail peeling or nail care cure you want to use, you can apply it after the cuticle cleaning and nail filing phase. After peeling and nail care cure, all that remains is to apply nail polish base and then nail polish on your nails.

Natural Methods for Nail Care

It is possible to do many stages of nail care with natural recipes. Sweet almond oil, which is rich in vitamins A, B and E, is one of the natural products that meet many needs of nails. In addition to sweet almond oil, olive oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil are among the natural oils that you can benefit from in nail care. You can drip natural oils into the water you use to soften your hands before you care, or you can apply them directly to your nails.

Apart from natural oils, natural products that you can use while cleaning and caring for nails can be listed as lemon, apple cider vinegar, honey and egg yolk. While lemon water helps your nails maintain their whiteness, apple cider vinegar strengthens your nails and accelerates the growth process. When egg yolk, which is a full vitamin A store, is mixed with honey and applied to the nail and its surroundings, it strengthens the nails, prevents them from breaking and allows them to grow properly.

We can answer the question of how healthy nails are with natural nail care. Natural nail care products that do no harm while meeting the needs of your nails will help you achieve the nail shape you want.

How to Care for Cuticles?

One of the most important points for natural cuticle care is to deal with cuticles only while caring, and not to touch them as much as possible at other times. Interventions to the cuticles in daily life both disrupt the structure of the cuticles and greatly increase the risk of infection. After soaking your hands in warm water prepared by dripping lemon juice and natural oils of your choice, you can start the cuticle care by pushing the softened cuticles inward.

It is not recommended to trim your cuticles when doing natural nail care at home, as cuticle trimming, which is done by most professionals, makes nails more vulnerable to bacteria and germs. If you are not satisfied with the appearance after pushing your cuticles inwards, you can apply oils with softening properties such as jojoba oil and olive oil to your nails. After keeping these oils, which provide strong moisturizing, on your nails, you can push your cuticles inwards again.

Tips for Hand and Nail Cleaning

One of the points we should pay attention to while washing our hands frequently for hygiene is not to disturb the moisture balance of the hands. We can choose natural soap to maintain the moisture balance. We need to dry our hands after each wash so that our hands do not lose their moisture. At the same time, wearing gloves while washing dishes or cleaning prevents cuticle inflammations and also prevents the hands from drying out. Anti-microbial oils such as lemon oil and cypress oil can be used in cases such as minor cuts and minor injuries on the hand.

After washing your hands, you can clean the inside of your nails with nail brushes. Nail cleaning is important because dirt and oil can easily accumulate inside the nails. You can use natural oils to prevent bacteria and inflammation on your nails and around your nails. For example, when lavender oil is used on nails, it both strengthens the nail and cuticles, and prevents the formation of bacteria in the area with its antibacterial properties.

Things to Consider in Long Nail Care

Long nail care is a little different from other natural nail care processes. Long nails are prone to breakage if they are not strong enough. For the durability of the nail, it may be good to allow your nails to breathe a few days a week without applying nail polish. You can apply nail-strengthening natural oils such as lavender oil and sesame on your nails during the days you spend without nail polish. Since nail polish removing products such as acetone reduce the durability of the nails, using the nail polish you apply for a long time prevents your long nails from breaking.

Another element that is as important as the oils used for nail strengthening at home is nail polish base. Nail polish bases that increase durability for long nails both reduce the damage of the nail from the nail polish and prevent the nails from being shortened. Since long nails may be prone to contain bacteria and microbes on the inside, pay attention to nail cleaning, and when necessary, bacteria-fighting oils such as tea tree oil can be applied around the nail.

Things to Do for Healthy Growth of Nails

The biggest obstacle to the healthy growth of nails is nail breakage. You can benefit from natural nail care routines to prevent nail breakage. Oils that strengthen nails prevent nails from breaking and help nails grow.

Filing your nails also prevents nails from breaking. If you file your nails regularly, you will also prevent deformities. We can get rid of small scratches that get stuck on our clothes or hair and cause our nails to break by filing our nails. Therefore, we can answer the question of how to extend the nail by saying that thanks to the strengtheners and filing process.

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