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How Should Your Daily Skin Care Routine Be?

Mar 01, 2023

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Circularity is an inevitable rhythm of our lives. We sleep, wake up, eat, go to work and take holidays at regular intervals. We plan and live our lives in daily, weekly and monthly periods. One of the most important factors that ensures the source and sustainability of life is circularity. In nature, seasons, rains, harvests, migrations, births and deaths continue in rhythm and harmony. So how does this cyclicality, which we can briefly call the rhythm of life, affect our body and skin? If we can keep up with this rhythm, cyclicity, which is the life source of our skin, will undoubtedly be a unique opportunity for us. Knowing our skin and responding correctly to its different needs in certain periods is very important to prevent premature aging and skin problems. Recognizing the cyclicality of our skin, supporting the skin metabolism with natural herbal oils during the self-renewal and repair stages, purifying and moisturizing it can be possible by applying our correct skin care routine.

Skin care is a must for having healthy and glowing skin. Since each skin type has different characteristics, care routines should be shaped according to these characteristics. A good skin care routine includes the steps of cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Years of research in the beauty and health industry have shown that skin care not only improves appearance but also supports the overall health of the skin. As Alfheim Aromatherapy, we offer solutions suitable for every skin type with our natural products. In this guide, we will cover topics such as skin care routine order and skin care routine according to skin type. We will also help everyone create a care plan that suits their needs by providing recommendations for their daily skin care routine.

Every skin type has its own needs and choosing the right products to meet these needs is of great importance. For example, a care routine for combination skin should focus on moisturizing dry areas while controlling oil in the T-zone. The care routine for acne-prone skin should include products that will balance excess sebum on the skin and help prevent acne formation. The care routine for acne-prone skin should be supported with products that will fight bacteria that cause acne and reduce skin inflammation. The care routine for oily skin should be shaped with products that will maintain the skin's natural oil balance and will not clog pores. The care routine for dry skin should be based on deeply moisturizing the skin and eliminating dryness.

Skin care should not only be part of the beauty routine, but also an important element of a healthy lifestyle. A daily skin care routine ensures that the skin is protected against the environmental factors it encounters throughout the day. While the morning skin care routine prepares the skin for the day, the night skin care routine helps renew the skin throughout the night. With the natural and effective solutions we offer as Alfheim Aromatherapy, you can easily create a care routine suitable for every skin type. Discover our Skin Care Oils, Facial Care Products and products specific to your skin type, and get healthy and glowing skin.

What should be the order of skin care routine?

Following the correct order when creating a skin care routine increases the effectiveness of the products used and helps the skin to be healthier. A skin care routine sequence should include cleansing, toning, serum and moisturizing steps. The first step is always to thoroughly cleanse the skin. This removes dirt, oil and makeup residue that accumulates on the skin. Applying toner after cleansing restores the pH balance of the skin and tightens the pores. Serums provide the specific treatments the skin needs; for example, they may have anti-aging, anti-blemish or moisturizing properties. As a moisturizer, it maintains the skin's moisture balance and helps the skin stay healthy by creating a protective barrier.

As Alfheim Aromatherapy, we offer natural and effective products that you can use at every step. Choosing the right products during your skin care routine is of great importance for your skin health. For example, for the cleansing step, our facial cleansing gels with natural ingredients nourish the skin while gently cleansing it. As toner, we recommend our natural tonics, which have a soothing and revitalizing effect on your skin. When choosing serum, choose formulas that suit your skin type and needs; Deeply moisturizing serums for dry skin, sebum balancing formulas for oily and acne-prone skin. As a moisturizer, you can use our products with natural ingredients that will moisturize and nourish your skin at the same time.

Following the correct order will help ensure that each step of your skin care routine provides maximum benefit. This order ensures better absorption of the products into your skin and increases the effectiveness of each product. A skin care routine that you create with our natural and effective products suitable for your skin type will allow you to have healthy and glowing skin. Remember, a regular and correct care routine will contribute to your skin looking healthier and more vibrant over time. Give your skin the care it deserves with Alfheim Aromatherapy's natural skin care products.

What Should the Skin Care Routine Be According to Skin Type?

Knowing your skin type and creating a care routine that suits it is the key to keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing. Each skin type has different needs and requires specific care products and routines to meet these needs.

Care Routine for Combination Skin

Combination skin type requires special care as it contains both oily and dry areas. The care routine for combination skin should adequately moisturize dry areas while controlling excess sebum in oily areas. Mild, pH-balanced products should be preferred as cleansers, and light, oil-free formulas should be used as moisturizers. Alfheim Aromatherapy's light formula moisturizers can provide the balance that combination skin needs.

Care Routine for Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin requires carefully selected products to prevent bacterial buildup, control excess sebum, and reduce inflammation. Cleansers with anti-bacterial properties such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil should be used in an acne skin care routine. As moisturizers, products with mild formulas that do not clog pores should be preferred. Alfheim Aromatherapy offers natural, mild and effective solutions for acne-prone skin.

Care Routine for Acne-Prone Skin

The care routine for acne-prone skin should include products that will help prevent acne formation and heal existing acne. Products with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are ideal for this skin type. The natural solutions offered by care products for acne-prone sensitive skin soothe the skin and reduce acne formation.

Care Routine for Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by enlarged pores, shine, and acne. An oily skin care routine should consist of products that will cleanse and control excess oil, but will not dry the skin. Light, water-based moisturizers and products with a mattifying effect are suitable for oily skin. Alfheim Aromatherapy offers natural options that will provide the balance needed by oily skin.

Care Routine for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be prone to moisture loss, flaking, and cracking. Dry skin care routine should include products that provide deep hydration, nourish and protect the skin. Richly formulated creams, serums and oils provide the moisture and nutrition that dry skin needs. Alfheim care product for dry skin offers specially formulated, intensely moisturizing products.

Every skin type has its own needs and as Alfheim Aromatherapy, we offer natural and effective solutions suitable for every skin type. You can create a healthy and balanced skin care routine by choosing products suitable for your skin type. In this section, we discussed care routines according to skin type, in the next section we will focus on daily skin care routines.

What Should Your Daily Skin Care Routine Be Like?

A daily skin care routine is vital to keep your skin clean, moisturized and protected. This routine consists of two main parts, morning and evening, each designed to meet the different needs your skin encounters throughout the day and night.

Morning Skin Care Routine

The purpose of the morning routine is to cleanse your skin from oil and dead skin cells accumulated overnight and protect it against external factors it will encounter throughout the day.
  • Cleansing: Start by washing your skin with a gentle cleanser. This will refresh your skin and create a clean base for other products you'll use throughout the day.
  • Toner: Use an alcohol-free toner to readjust your skin's pH balance and tighten pores.
  • Serum: Apply a serum according to your needs, for example a moisturizing, antioxidant or anti-blemish serum. Alfheim Aromatherapy's natural content serums nourish and protect your skin.
  • Moisturizer: Moisturize your skin with moisturizer. Choosing a product suitable for your skin type will provide the moisture your skin needs.
  • Sunscreen: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect against UV rays. This step is critical in preventing skin aging and skin cancer.

Night Skin Care Routine

The night routine aims to cleanse, repair and renew your skin from the pollution and harmful substances it is exposed to throughout the day.
  • Make-up Remover: If you are wearing make-up, use a special make-up remover to cleanse your skin of make-up.
  • Face Washing Gel: Wash with face washing gel to cleanse your skin deeply. This will clear out the dirt and oil that is clogging your pores.
  • Tonic: The toning step is important to ensure better absorption of the products you will apply throughout the night.
  • Moisturizer or Night Cream: Apply a moisturizer or night cream that will intensely hydrate and repair your skin throughout the night. Alfheim Aromatherapy's natural night creams help regenerate your skin while nourishing it.
  • Eye Cream: The area around your eyes is more sensitive and thinner than other parts of your skin. Apply an eye cream around your eyes that is specially formulated to combat wrinkles, bags and dark circles.

By customizing your daily home skin care routine according to your skin type and needs, you can make your skin look healthier, brighter and younger. As Alfheim Aromatherapy, we offer natural and effective solutions that will support you at every step. Make your skin shine with beauty and health by applying your daily skin care routine correctly.

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