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How Should Your Daily Skin Care Routine Be?

Mar 01, 2023

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Circularity is an inevitable rhythm of our lives. We sleep, wake up, eat, go to work and take vacations at regular intervals. We plan and live our lives in daily, weekly, monthly periods. One of the most important factors that ensure the source and sustainability of life is cyclicity. Seasons, rains, harvests, migrations, births and deaths continue in a rhythm and harmony in nature. So, how does this cyclicity, which we can briefly call the rhythm of life, affect our body and skin? If we can keep up with this rhythm, the cyclicity, which is the source of life for our skin, will undoubtedly be a unique opportunity for us. It is very important to know our skin and to give correct answers to its different needs in certain periods to prevent premature aging and skin problems. It is possible to recognize the cyclicity of our skin, to support, purify and moisturize the skin metabolism with natural vegetable oils during the self-renewal and repair stages, by applying our right skin care routine. In this article, we will learn how to keep up with the rhythm of our skin, and we will look for answers to the question of what skin care routine should be.

Our skin lives with cyclicity just like nature and our body. Daily skin care routine is one of the most important practices in providing the support our skin needs in this cyclical period. Our skin, which consists of 3 main layers, renews itself as long as we support the youth mechanism. The skin cells in the epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin, lose their vitality over time due to seasonal and environmental factors, nutrition, sleep disorder and lack of care. Dead cells are pushed out of the epidermis with dandruff or flaking that we see on our skin over time. Thus, living cells are made room and the skin is renewed. Again in this cyclicity, healthy cell metabolism covers the skin surface with a hydro-lipid layer consisting of oil + sweat emulsion. This layer keeps our skin moist and supports its defense against external factors. Here, the skin care routine is the care rituals we apply regularly to support these activities of the skin metabolism in renewing itself. Having a regular skin care routine is essential for a younger, radiant and healthy-looking skin. The skin care routine you will apply with natural skin care products will make you look healthier, younger and more beautiful and help you feel better. Let's take a closer look at the details of the skin care routine to ensure the integrity of the mind and body.

How Should Skin Care Routine Rank?

How Should Your Skin Care Routine Be?
In all skin care products, the order of use should be arranged according to the viscosity of the products. In other words, the basic principle is to use the products in the right order from the fluid ones to the less fluid ones. For example, tonic should be applied before creams. If you are using a serum, the order should be tonic > serum > cream. From another point of view, we can say that it would be more accurate to use it from fast-absorbing to slow-absorbing by the skin. The first step to create a skin care routine should be daily skin cleansing. Purifying your skin of dirt, oil, make-up and toxins is a prerequisite for a natural skin care routine. Afterwards, you can apply the natural skin care products from fast-absorbing to less-absorbing in the above order. Now, let's look for an answer to our skin care routine and the question of how the daily face cleaning routine should be.

Skin Cleansing: We mentioned that the skin pushes out dead cells for its own cyclical metabolism. This can cause dandruff on the skin and eventually pore clogging. In addition, external factors such as make-up, sweat and pollution, which are the environmental conditions we are exposed to on a daily basis, cause the skin to breathe by closing the skin pores and prevent the passage of substances between cells. Our priority should be a gentle and purifying cleansing routine, both to support the skin's natural cycle and to increase the effects of care products. Thus, your skin will be purified, renewed and ready to absorb the healthy metabolisms in natural care products. You can moisturize your face while purifying with Alfheim Geranium Purifying Facial Soap containing vegetable oil, and you can start the day with a lively and clean skin with the care-giving feature of geranium oil.
How to Clean Your Skin
For those who are looking for an answer to the question of how daily facial cleansing should be, Geranium Soap is an ideal helper. It gently purifies and cares for your skin with its natural formula based on Coconut and Sunflower Oil, which does not contain palm oil. Thanks to this product, you do not need to use tonic. With Hemp and Pumpkin Fiber Peeling soap, which does not contain mineral oils that are not absorbed by the skin and cannot participate in the natural metabolism of the skin, you can cleanse your entire skin with the peeling effect, moisturize it and make it ready for your care routine.

Soaps produced with chemical surfactants and cleansers lubricate the hydro-lipid layer of the skin and damage the natural skin flora. Instead of soaps with chemicals that will damage the skin barrier, soaps containing natural and vegetable oils are perfect for skin cleansing. Natural oils in their content naturally support the epidermis and cell metabolism. For this reason, care soaps containing natural oils should be preferred for skin cleaning.
How to clean your face daily
Serum and Oils According to Skin Type and Skin Needs: The post-cleansing step should be to choose 100% natural vegetable oils for our skin type and needs. We mentioned that mineral, that is, unnatural oils, cannot participate in skin metabolism. These oils are obtained by chemical means and are not compatible with the skin. Although they create a temporary feeling of moisture on the skin surface due to their lack of absorption by the skin, they may cause deterioration of biological epidermis functions in long-term use. This will cause your skin to become dependent on artificial moisturizers and eventually to an impaired skin metabolism.
Serum and Oils According to Skin Type and Skin Needs
You can revive skin metabolism and youth mechanism with 100% natural vegetable oils. For this, Alfheim carrier oils, which you will use in accordance with your skin type and needs after cleansing, will help to nourish your skin by being included in your skin metabolism with its nourishing fatty acids and phytochemicals. You can also choose Alfheim Tamanu Oil for your acne skin care routine. For the dry skin care routine, Alfheim Jojoba Oil is nourishing and moisturizing. Organic Hemp Seed oil for oily skin care, while balancing sebum secretion, provides barrier structure and protects your skin against external effects. Suitable for all skin types, Grapeseed Oil is ideal for a combination skin care routine, restructuring and renewing barrier protection. For more information about the most suitable and 100% natural oils for your skin type, you can visit our Fixed - Carrier Oils category page.
100% natural vegetable oils
Creams and Lotions: After cleansing, it's time to support the skin, which you have nourished and moisturized with 100% natural oils, with creams and lotions. Daily skin care routine should continue with natural ingredients. Therefore, it is important for your skin health to choose creams and lotions fortified with natural oils. As with the selection of oil and serum after cleaning, you should correctly determine your skin type and need in the selection of creams and lotions.
Hydrating Intense Moisturizing Face Cream, which locks moisture into the skin with its strong moisture-retaining matrix created with Cactus flower and Jojoba oils, provides a moist and lively skin appearance all day long. Jasmine flower envelops your skin with its feminine scent enriched with daily notes and offers a silky skin. After the nourishing natural oil that you can apply to clean skin for your evening skin care routine, Nighty Night Night Care Cream provides a supportive and relaxing night care. Alfheim Nighty Night Night Care Cream, which provides intensive care to your skin all night with the nourishing power of valuable oils, supports the formation of smooth skin with its soft and rich structure. In addition, it helps to support the youth mechanism of the skin with the protein, vitamins and minerals it contains.
Creams and Lotions

Morning Skin Care Routine

The practical care routine that we will apply in the morning helps us to start the day fresh, clean and fresh. Keeping our skin clean and well-groomed on a regular basis both delays the signs of aging and helps us gain a healthy and vibrant appearance. After cleaning with Purifying Geranium Soap, the pure care oils you will choose according to your skin type will provide you with natural and effective skin care. The answer to the question of how daily facial care should be is actually that simple. You can create your skin care routine by taking care and protection with natural products suitable for cleaning and skin type. In addition, Alfheim Rosehip Seed Oil, which you will add to the apricot kernel oil at a ratio of 1:8, will also help your skin by providing you with a protective, regenerating and moisturizing care.

Night Skin Care Routine

Night care routine is very important. Environmental factors that the skin is exposed to throughout the day, negative effects such as heat, cold, sun and make-up tire the skin. Providing care by resting your tired skin with night care is important for you to get a younger and firmer appearance by delaying the signs of aging in the long run. After purifying cleaning, mix Almond and Jojoba oil in equal proportions and wait for 5 minutes, then add Lavender and Geranium oil at a ratio of 1:100 (1 percent) to the existing mixture and mix again. Thus, your 100% natural care serum will be ready to protect and renew the skin against free radicals and environmental factors. After applying the mixture to the skin with light massage movements, you can wait for it to absorb. In addition, Alfheim Nighty Night Night Care cream, which you will use for your night skin care routine, will make your skin ready for a restful sleep.

Facial Cleansing Routine

Our face gives a good idea of ÔÇőÔÇőour health. A bright, young and clean face is always impressive. An effective skin care routine, which starts with cleaning and continues with moisturizing and care products suitable for the skin type and needs, should not be neglected for skin health.


You can use tonic to clean and disinfect contaminated and oily skin throughout the day. It is important to choose a tonic suitable for the skin type. For dry skin, tonics supported with moisturizing agents can be preferred. It is very important for sensitive skin to choose alcohol-free tonics.


After cleansing, the skin is refreshed with its open pores and is ready to absorb the active ingredients for care. Serums are products that contain valuable ingredients that provide this care. For the long-term health and naturalness of your skin, you can choose valuable carrier oils with rich content. Grape Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil and Fig Seed Oil are some of them. These valuable oils nourish and moisturize your skin with nourishing fatty acids and phytochemicals. Valuable vegetable oils, which are suitable for skin flora and can be involved in skin metabolism, will help your skin look younger and healthier, while helping to remove signs of aging.


Long-term youth and beauty can be achieved when the daily skin care routine is created with natural products. For this reason, products that do not contain mineral oil should be preferred when choosing a moisturizer. Moisturizers formulated with natural oils ensure the moisture balance of your skin and help protect it all day long.

Mask and Peeling

Mask and peeling applications, which are two inseparable parts of the weekly skin care routine, are important for skin care. While removing the dead cells on the skin with peeling, mask application moisturizes your skin and can help in the care against acne and acne. For more detailed information about peeling, "What Does Body Peel Do, How Is It Applied?" on the Alfheim blog. Check out our blog post.

In order to catch our skin rhythm, we sought answers together to questions such as how to do the right skin care, how should skin care be, what should be the daily skin care routine. Catching the rhythm of life, the world, nature and the universe starts with discovering our own rhythm. Skin care routine is very important for a life in which we catch the right rhythm in harmony with our mind and body. Hope to see you in another good life tip. For more, you can visit the Alfheim Blog.

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