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Orange Oil Benefits, What Does It Do?

Mar 01, 2023

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Orange Oil Benefits

Orange essential oil is our natural assistant in skin and hair care, which helps us to balance mentally and physically, adds mouth-watering aromas to our foods... Welcome to Alfheim Blog. In this article, we will look for answers to questions such as how to make orange oil, what does orange oil do and how to use orange oil. Let's explore together what is the use of orange essential oil, which is one of the most fun and useful essential oils of care routines.
According to some sources, orange seeds, which were transported to Europe and Anatolia in the tenth century, became a fruit identified with the Mediterranean region. So much so that, as of 1987, its cultivation has taken the title of the most common fruit in the world. Energizing and making happy with its taste and smell, the orange has become one of the indispensables of aromatherapy applications with the treasure it hides in its peels.

What is Orange Oil?

Orange oil, obtained by cold pressing from the peels of ripe citrus fruits known as Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange), is one of the most preferred oils in natural personal care applications due to its sweet, fresh and characteristic fruity smell and positive effect on skin and hair. So how to extract orange oil? Ripe fruits collected in the season are taken to washing pools to be purified from foreign materials on their surfaces. After making sure that there is no soil, plant residue or foreign material on the shell surfaces in the pools, the oils of the fruits subjected to cold processing are separated from their shells. Orange oil, which can be oxidized quickly, is stored under suitable conditions and they wait to share their healing with us.
It is known that orange oil has a positive effect on our mood as well as its benefits to the skin. Now let's take a closer look at the question of how to apply orange oil to ensure our soul and body integrity.

What Does Orange Oil Do?

Orange oil is helpful in maintaining our soul and body balance. It disinfects the bodily area and stimulates lymph flow. It is effective in eliminating the appearance of cellulite on the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce cellulite. As with all essential oils, orange oil should be used with caution.
Sensitive skin to use orange oil can dilute the essential oil with fixed oils. You can safely apply orange oil, which you can dilute 1:5 for the skin. Jojoba, sesame, almond, grapeseed and coconut oils are ideal for dilution.
In the spiritual area, orange peel oil, which regulates your mood and gives joy, is supportive in times of anger, tension, stress and fatigue. It reduces stress and promotes restful sleep. It improves mental clarity and alertness. It relieves sensory tension and stress.

How to Use Orange Oil?

Orange oil is among the most frequently used essential oils in aromatherapy with its positive effects on the soul and body and its pleasant smell.
It is a good air disinfectant with its antibacterial, ant fungal and antiseptic properties. You can purify your atmosphere and get an invigorating environment with the use of aroma lamps, diffuser, censer and mist spray. It provides valuable protection against airborne microorganisms.
It can be applied to the skin in anti-stress massages to reduce anger and tension, to relieve fatigue and mental confusion. But oil alone can be an irritant. For this reason, orange essential oil should be diluted with a carrier oil suitable for your skin type and needs. Another important issue is that the oil is phototoxic. Be careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight for a few hours after applying the oil to the skin.
Children and adults can use it. The use of pregnant and lactating mothers is possible only under the supervision of health professionals. If you cannot get such support, orange peel oil should not be used.

How to Apply Orange Oil to the Skin?

Those who want to experience the benefits of orange oil on the skin, which is mood-regulating, exhilarating, refreshing and refreshing, may ask the question of how orange oil can be applied to the skin. It is possible to find satisfactory answers to these questions in aromatherapy applications.
We mentioned that orange essential oil can create sensitivity for special skin. Although it is not irritating in general, it would be right for all skins to dilute essential oils with carrier oils that respond to skin types and needs. Thus, we obtain a care routine that is safer and in which we benefit from the healing properties of carrier oils.
Orange Oil, which you can dilute with sesame oil, can be used as an ideal cellulite care oil. Applying this mixture at regular intervals and regularly helps the skin to remove the appearance of cellulite.
In oily skin, support can be taken from orange oil in maintaining sebum balance. In applications to the face area, you can obtain a synergistic oil blend with Grape Seed, Wheat Extract and Hemp Seed oils and oily skin balancing.
To remind you again, after applying orange, which is a phototoxic oil, to the skin, be careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight within a few hours.
Especially sensitive skin should dilute orange oil with a carrier oil suitable for their skin type and needs. The answer to the question of how to apply orange oil on the face is the same. The most important issue to be considered here is that our face is more sensitive than other parts of our body. For this reason, dilution rates should be arranged specifically for the face. You can visit the Alfheim Essential Oil Dilution Chart for the correct dilution ratios.
Orange oil is supportive for oily hair as well as oily skin. It helps hair and scalp to balance sebum. You can add 10-15 drops of Orange Essential Oil to Alfheim Base Shampoo, and you can make your hair look more lively and radiant with its uplifting and mood-enhancing scent. One of the most practical application methods is the root-to-end application and scalp massage with Orange, Lavender and Ylang Ylang oils that you will add to Argan Oil.

How Is Orange Oil Made?

Orange essential oil, which is pure and suitable for aromatherapy use, is obtained by cold pressing of orange peels. Maceration, an ancient method of obtaining essential oils, can be used to make orange oil at home.

How to Make Orange Oil at Home

Toss finely chopped or grated orange peels in a carrier oil of your choice. Olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil will be ideal choices. Then leave it to rest in a cool place without sun for 40 days. After 40 days, the carrier oil dissolves and absorbs the essential oils in the peels and a fragrant and healing orange oil is obtained. Now that we have answered the question of how to make orange oil at home, it is time to say goodbye. You can follow the Alfheim Blog to continue the secrets of essential oils and personal natural care together with Alfheim.

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