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Orange Oil Benefits, What Does It Do?

Mar 01, 2023

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Orange oil is a volatile oil obtained from orange peel and orange tree flowers, which are rich in vitamin C. With its intense vitamin C content, rapid absorption, intense and pleasant smell, orange oil is used in many areas from cosmetics to health. Orange oil's pleasant smelling, cell regenerating, revitalizing, stress relieving, relaxing and effective cellulite fighter properties are important in terms of its benefits. These benefits make it the most preferred essential oil. It gives your skin a brighter and younger appearance by eliminating skin damage and wrinkles. It removes toxins from the body and regulates bowel movements. It reduces pain. Prevents hair loss. It purifies your soul by removing stress and tension with its soothing scent.

What is Orange Oil?

Orange oil, obtained by cold pressing from the peels of ripe citrus fruits known as Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange), is one of the most preferred oils in natural personal care applications due to its sweet, fresh and characteristic fruity scent and its positive effect on skin and hair. So how to extract orange oil? Ripe fruits collected in season are taken to washing pools to remove foreign substances on their surfaces. After ensuring that there is no soil, plant residue or any other foreign matter left on the shell surfaces in the pools, the oils are separated from the shells of the fruits subjected to cold processing. Orange oil, which can oxidize quickly, is stored under suitable conditions and begins to wait to share its healing with us.

In addition to its benefits for the skin, orange oil is also known to positively affect our mood. Now let's take a closer look at the question of how to apply orange oil to ensure our spiritual and physical integrity.

What is Orange Oil Used for?

Let's examine together the answer to the question of what orange oil is used for, which is one of the most frequently asked questions due to its intense vitamin C content and variety of uses . In the memories of every child who grew up in houses with stoves, the orange peels that fascinate our rooms with their pleasant smell have a special place when stoves are mentioned. Orange peel oil not only brings you back to your childhood memories with its pleasant scent, but also purifies your soul with its refreshing scent. It relieves you of the tiredness, stress and tension of the day. It reduces emotional tension and stress, making you feel more calm and peaceful. It relaxes you and creates a healthy sleep pattern. Orange oil cheers up your soul with its pleasant scent and fills it with childlike joy.

It prevents dandruff formation by maintaining the moisture balance in the hair. It reduces the signs of aging by renewing skin cells. This valuable oil provides a young and bright appearance of the skin and prevents acne formation. It supports the digestive system with its indigestion and bloating effect. It is also used in dental health as it removes bad breath and prevents gingivitis. Alfheim Orange Oil is an oil that you can use safely with its natural and pure content. You can buy this valuable oil and more from our website with price options that suit your budget.

What are the Benefits of Orange Oil?

Orange essential oil helps us balance spiritually and physically, adds mouth-watering aromas to our foods, and is our natural assistant in skin and hair care.

According to some sources, orange seeds, which were transported to Europe and Anatolia in the tenth century, became a fruit identified with the Mediterranean region. So much so that, as of 1987, it has become the most widely cultivated fruit in the world. Orange, which gives energy and makes people happy with its taste and smell, has become one of the indispensable parts of aromatherapy applications with the treasure it hides in its shells.

Orange oil is used in a wide range of areas, from skin to face and hair care, due to its rich and beneficial content . Those who want to benefit from the benefits of this valuable oil often ask whether orange oil can be drunk . It should be noted that although orange oil content is 100% natural, like our other essential oils, unfortunately it cannot be drunk. Let's examine orange essential oil in more detail in terms of its benefits and uses.

Benefits of Orange Oil for Hair

Orange essential oil prevents dandruff formation and flaking on the scalp, and relieves itching by maintaining moisture balance in the hair. Orange oil stands out in terms of its benefits for hair, as it prevents hair loss. It nourishes the hair and gives a healthier and more voluminous hair appearance during long-term use. Those who use orange oil are especially pleased with its effects on oily hair. If you are wondering how to use orange oil in hair care, we recommend mixing it with olive oil and using it as an orange oil mask . You can extend the life of your hair by leaving it on for 10 minutes.

Benefits of Orange Oil for the Face

In terms of its benefits to the face, orange oil is one of the indispensable oils of facial care with its antioxidant and cell regenerating effects. It dries acne and fights blackheads. When used regularly, it eliminates skin damage, renews cells and eliminates wrinkles. Applying orange oil to the face removes the traces of the years on your face and gives you the baby look of the first day. It removes sun spots on the face.

Benefits of Orange Oil for Skin

With its high content of vitamin C, orange oil is an important essential oil in terms of its benefits for the skin. It is effective on oily skin types. With its repairing and regenerating effect on the skin, orange oil is a powerful supporter in the fight against skin blemishes. It eliminates blemishes such as acne and sunspots on the skin. It balances skin color. Orange oil gives successful results on cellulite on the skin. It eliminates the effects of aging on the skin with its collagen effect. The question of how to apply orange oil to the skin is a very curious question. When applied with other oils and by massaging, effective results are obtained, especially in the fight against cellulite.

How to Use Orange Oil?

Orange oil is among the most frequently used essential oils in aromatherapy, with its positive effects on the soul and body and its uplifting scent.

It is a good air disinfectant with its antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. You can purify your atmosphere and create a refreshing environment with the use of aroma lamps, diffusers, censers and mist sprayers. It provides valuable protection against airborne microorganisms.

It can be applied to the skin in anti-stress massages to reduce anger and tension, and relieve fatigue and mental confusion. But oil alone can be irritating. Therefore, orange essential oil should be diluted with a carrier oil suitable for your skin type and needs. Another important issue is that the oil is phototoxic. Be careful not to expose yourself to direct sunlight for a few hours after applying the oil to the skin.

Children and adults can use it. Use by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers is possible only under the supervision of healthcare professionals. If you cannot get such support, orange peel oil should not be used.

How to Apply Orange Oil to the Skin?

Those who want to experience the benefits of orange oil, which is mood-regulating, joyful, invigorating and refreshing, on the skin can ask the question of how orange oil can be applied to the skin. It is possible to find satisfactory answers to these questions within aromatherapy applications.

We mentioned that orange essential oil can cause sensitivity for special skin types. Although it is not generally irritating, it would be appropriate for all skin types to dilute essential oils with carrier oils that meet their skin type and needs. In this way, we achieve a safer care routine that benefits from the healing benefits of carrier oils.

Orange Oil, which you can dilute with sesame oil, can be used as an ideal cellulite care oil. Applying this mixture at certain intervals and regularly helps the skin in eliminating the appearance of cellulite.

Orange oil can be helpful in maintaining sebum balance in oily skin. In applications to the face area, you can obtain a synergistic oil blend that balances oily skin with Grape Seed, Wheat Extract and Hemp Seed oils.

As a reminder, after applying orange, which is a phototoxic oil, to the skin, be careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight within a few hours.

Especially those with sensitive skin should dilute orange oil with a carrier oil suitable for their skin type and needs. The answer to the question of how to apply orange oil to the face is the same. The most important thing to consider here is that our face is more sensitive than other parts of our body. Therefore, dilution rates should be adjusted specifically for the face. You can visit the Alfheim Essential Oil Dilution Table for correct dilution rates.

Orange oil is supportive for oily hair as well as oily skin. It helps the hair and scalp in maintaining sebum balance. By adding 10-15 drops of Orange Essential Oil into Alfheim Base Shampoo, you can make your hair look more vibrant and shiny with its uplifting and mood-boosting scent. One of the most practical application methods is root-to-tip application and scalp massage with Orange, Lavender and Ylang Ylang oils added to Argan Oil.

How to Apply Orange Oil to the Face?

Since orange essential oil is an effective oil, the question of how to apply orange oil to the face is an important question. Due to its ability to remove wrinkles, it can be used both around the eyes and face. All the products we offer as Alfheim have 100% natural content. However, it would be healthier to test it on a small area before use to avoid an allergic reaction. When used by massaging the face with grape seed, wheat germ and hemp seed oils, it creates a balancing and refreshing effect on oily skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orange Oil

Is orange oil good for cellulite?

Orange oil is a very effective oil in combating cellulite. When applied to the skin by massaging, it revitalizes the skin and fights as a complete anti-cellulite. 

Can orange oil be applied to the face? 

Orange oil is among the oils that can be applied to the face. It removes skin blemishes with its revitalizing and regenerating effect, has a balancing effect on the skin, and combats the effects of aging. It is recommended to go out in the sun 2 hours after applying it to the face.

How to extract orange peel oil?

To make orange oil, orange peels are placed in oils such as olive oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil and kept in a place out of sunlight for 40 days.

Is orange oil good for hair?

When orange oil is added to argan oil along with lavender and ylang ylang oils and applied to the scalp by massaging, it creates miraculous effects, especially on oily hair.

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