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What is Face Yoga? - Face Yoga Moves

Mar 01, 2023

Y├╝z Yogas─▒ Nedir? - Y├╝z Yogas─▒ Hareketleri

What is Face Yoga?

Human beings have tried to make sense of the world they live in in every period, sometimes they lived in harmony and sometimes they developed rituals that would protect their integrity against environmental conditions. It would not be an exaggeration to say that our entire story is based on this dialectic. Life is a balance between compatibility and contrasts. Yoga, on the other hand, has been accepted as the general name of the meditative movements performed in order to establish this balance in the Far Eastern faith disciplines. Yoga, which is referred to as the general name of meditative activities that help in establishing the balance of soul-body and action-consciousness, has become popular recently and has been included in our agenda.

The word "yoga", which derives from the Sanskrit root meaning "yuj", "to come together", "to unite", has the meanings of controlling and uniting at the same time. Achieving the balance that constitutes the essence of our lives, bringing the opposite poles together and keeping them under control constitutes our life adventure itself. The last part of yoga, which consists of 8 parts, "Samadhi", meaning liberation, symbolizes the unification of object-consciousness, action-consciousness and soul-body in the last step.

So what is face yoga? Face yoga is the name of the facial exercises that are done to get a tighter and tighter and therefore younger appearance by working our facial muscles regularly. Facial yoga exercises are a set of assistive movements to prevent wrinkles caused by repetitions of mimic and gesture movements by triggering facial muscles, to strengthen under-worked weak muscles and to eliminate sagging and negative appearance.

What Does Face Yoga Do? Face Yoga Benefits

Facial yoga movements help us gain a tighter and younger appearance by working the muscles that guide our facial expressions. It is done to exercise the muscles regularly and correctly, to strengthen them and to protect the skin against wrinkles and sagging that may occur or may occur over time.

Facial yoga techniques also increase lymphatic activity in the skin, helping to remove accumulated toxins from the skin. With these exercises, you can increase the amount of oxygen that the skin and subcutaneous facial muscles receive, accelerate circulation and provide more effective nutrition to the skin. Thus, your skin will remain more resistant to the negative effects of time and environmental effects.

With face yoga, you can resist wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and around the mouth. In addition, we can say that when effective muscle exercises are applied regularly to recover sagging in the cheeks, cheekbones and jowl area, the visible effect will surprise you. Here, we also need to mention the importance of practicing regular exercise. Because face yoga, which is basically a muscle exercise, starts to give results with long-term and regular practices. The answer to the question of how many days will facial yoga take effect depends on the laziness of your facial muscles and the sum of your past exercise experiences. It is important to practice the exercises for a minimum of 1 month, at least 3, at most 5 days a week, to start seeing visible results. During the practice, we should focus on the process itself rather than the question of how long face yoga will be effective, and we should keep in mind that exercise is very important for our skin and muscle health in every area.

How to Do Face Yoga?

We mentioned that the purpose of facial yoga is to trigger and strengthen our facial muscles. The muscle movements that make up our mimics undergo structural deterioration with constant repetitions. This deterioration appears as wrinkles on the skin surface. The main purpose of facial exercise is to make our muscles more resistant and stronger against this deterioration. These exercises will prevent the wrinkles that will form and eliminate the existing ones.

Face yoga for wrinkles consists of a few basic movements that can be practiced very easily at home. The challenge is to practice these exercises with discipline and the right methods. Now let's take a look at the application details of face yoga together.

As with all care routines, the first step of face yoga is clean skin. You can practice face yoga when you can spare time for yourself during the day. Before the application, you should cleanse your skin of oil, dirt and make-up. Alfheim Geranium Purifying Facial Soap will prepare your skin before facial exercise by cleansing and moisturizing the skin without drying it out. The movements we will do will be to eliminate the deformations caused by repetitive muscle movements. However, while doing these movements, we recommend that you do all the movements in front of a mirror in order not to cause new wrinkles and check your face during the exercise to prevent new wrinkles from forming on your face. During the exercise, you should stand up straight and look ahead and make sure that your shoulder and neck muscles are relaxed.

The Most Basic Face Yoga Moves

The most effective face yoga is structured with regular, long-term and correct exercise movements. Now let's examine these movementsÔÇŽ During all movements, make sure that no other area other than the application area does not contract or move. It may take time to achieve this, but careful study is very helpful in understanding both the working order and the way our facial muscles work during our gestures. During face yoga, you should pay attention to standing upright and regulating your breathing.
    • 1. For Mid-Brow Lines: Place the index finger of your left hand between your eyebrows and press lightly. Now place it in the middle of your forehead with the index finger of your right hand and press it lightly again. Slowly move both fingers upwards, pressing lightly against the skin from the bottom up. Stop when your right index finger reaches the hair follicles and repeat the same motion 8 times.
    • 2. For Crow's Feet and Around the Eyes: Warm your hands by rubbing them together for 20 seconds. Place your palms to fill your temples and around the eyes and press lightly. Take your hands by gently pulling them towards the tops of your ears and feel your eyebrows stretch. Try to frown slowly with your eyes open. This move is ideal for strengthening the muscles around the eyebrows and eyes.
Face Yoga Moves
    • 3. For Under Eyes and Crow's Feet: Place the index fingers of both hands in the eye sockets and press gently. After waiting 10 seconds, continue to press gently from top to bottom and draw circles. With this movement, you trigger your eyebrows, crow's feet and under-eye muscles.
Face Yoga for Under Eyes and Crow's Feet
    • 4. For Cheeks: Place your hands into fists so that your knuckles are on the outer corners of your nose and press lightly. Drive your fist all the way up to the top of your ears, making sure your knuckles are scanning your skin from under the eyes to under the cheekbones. After 8 repetitions, do the same between cheeks and chin.
Face Yoga for Cheeks
    • 5. For Lips and Around the Mouth: Place two index fingers on the smile lines and stretch them by pressing them lightly. With the lips and skin taut, open your mouth as if to shout and make an A, U and O with lips turned inward. In the meantime, the lips and skin should be stretched more. Thus, you will strengthen the muscles in this area by triggering them.
Face Yoga for Lips and Mouth Area
    • 6. For Neck and Jowl Area: Place your index finger on the collarbones by connecting your fingers. From the bottom up, from the neck to the jawbones, gently press upwards. With this movement, you will feel that the blood circulation relaxes you. Another exercise that can be applied for the jowl area all day and under all conditions is to move the tongue and palate up and down in a way to push and pull the air in the mouth out and in, by extending the lips in a way that makes an 'O' sound. In this way, the muscles in the jowl area work and sagging can be prevented.
Increased blood circulation and muscle movements with facial yoga are also ideal times for care practices. While the metabolic movements of your skin are revitalized, it absorbs the nourishing essences it needs more easily and includes it in the metabolism. For this reason, you can nourish your skin and make it look more lively with moisturizing and nourishing Grape Seed Oil after yoga. If you are one of those who do facial exercises before going to bed, the Nighty Night Night Care cream, which you will apply to clean skin after yoga, will saturate your skin with moisture all night long and help you start the day with a purified and rested skin.

You will be amazed at the difference between before and after face yoga combined with regular exercise. Face yoga will be one of your natural and healthy care routines for forehead wrinkles as well as removing wrinkles around the eyes. With regular practice, especially in the cheeks, neck and jowl area, face thinning becomes possible with yoga.

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