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How to Clean the Pores on the Face?

Mar 01, 2023

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The pores in the skin are the gates where the substance exchanges between the layers of our skin and the oil + sweat emulsions it produces, and the sebum that protects the upper layer of the skin, reaches the skin surface. Clean pores in healthy skin fulfill their function and keep the skin healthy. When the pores on the face are clogged, the normal functions of the skin are prevented from fulfilling. Also, your skin looks unhealthy and dirty. Everyone wants a healthy, youthful and clean skin appearance. Such a skin is the most important indicator of the care we show ourselves. Now let's take a quick look at how to clean the pores on the face and what we can do to open the pores.

What is a Pore?

What is a Pore?
We mentioned that skin pores are the gateways through which substances exchange between the layers of the skin. Thanks to these doors, the skin breathes and carries the sebum, which keeps the skin moist and protects it against environmental factors, to the upper layer of the skin. Enlargement and clogging of skin pores also negatively affect the balance of the skin. For this reason, the first step to take is to create a care routine with skin-tightening natural skin care products that will tighten the pores and prevent them from clogging. You can find our article about the natural skin care routine you can apply at home on the Alfheim Blog.

Why Do Skin Pores Open?

Why Do Skin Pores Open?
The main reason for the formation of skin pores is the loss of elasticity of the skin. Age-related dehydrated skin begins to dry out and lose its elasticity. This is due to the reduction of elastin proteins in elastic tissue. The thickness of the fat and supporting tissue is reduced. In the skin that loses its elasticity due to age and environmental factors, the pores become more visible over time. Clogged pores occur as a result of the increased opening of the pore being filled with oil and dirt on the skin. Our priority is to develop a skin care routine suitable for our skin type in order to clean the clogged pores that adversely affect the health and appearance of the skin.

What Are the Symptoms of Clogged Pore?

The skin, which pushes its dead, keratinized cells to the outer layer over time, renews itself. In addition, while performing its normal functions, it sends oil + sweat secretions to the skin surface to moisturize the skin. These dead cells and oils, which accumulate in the upper layers of the skin without proper skin care, fill the skin pores over time. The blockage, which is manifested by the enlargement of the pores in the first place, turns into black spots as a result of further clogging of the pores by dead cells, oil, dirt due to environmental factors, make-up, etc. Unfortunately, we all try to clean the pores on the face only at this last stage. However, the small cleaning and maintenance routines to be done beforehand are the most important supports that are effective against pore growth and prevent the formation of blackheads.

How to Clean Clogged Pores?

How to Clean Clogged Pores?
It is possible to clean the pores on the skin by applying care routines suitable for the skin type. We mentioned that the biggest cause of pore blockage is the dirt accumulated on the skin surface and pore enlargement. For this reason, it is essential to prioritize skin cleansing in order to prevent and remove the existing blockages. For this, you need to use soaps containing natural vegetable oil, which will gently purify and care for your skin morning and night. By applying Alfheim Geranium Purifying Face Soap in the morning and evening, you can purify your skin from oil and dirt. In long-term use, It─▒r ├çi├že─či soap, which does not contain chemical surfactants that disrupt the moisture layer and flora of the skin, nourishes and moisturizes your skin while purifying it.

The next step is the Scrub application, which will cleanse the skin of dead skin and dirt. While this application deeply cleanses the skin with its granular components, natural actives nourish and moisturize the skin. Alfheim Purifying Face Scrub physically purifies the skin surface with ground Grape Seed and Rosehip Seed. With its 100% natural extracts, it protects your skin against free radicals and provides care.

Purified clean skin is ideal for care. The increased circulation and accelerated metabolism under the skin allow natural care oils to be absorbed faster and participate more actively in the skin metabolism. Therefore, serums that will help tighten the skin by feeding the skin and shrink the pores are ideal after scrubbing.

At the last stage, skin tightening care cream is effective in shrinking the pores. You complete an effective skin care routine with creams that support collagen production and contain natural oils. We answered questions such as how to open the pores, what are the pore opening products. Now, let's look at the details that you can apply step by step for practical pore cleaning at home.

1. Morning and evening skin cleansing with natural facial cleansing products: Our recommendation in this regard is Alfheim Geranium Purifying Facial Soap.
2. Scrub once or twice a week according to the skin type: With this application, you can physically clean the skin deeply, remove the dead skin from the skin and make room for new cells. For this, Alfheim Purify Face Scrub is ideal with its 100% natural and effective formula.
3. After Scrub: Alfheim Firming Face Oil is ideal to help tighten your skin by providing moisture and care to purified and soft skin.
4. Alfheim Firming Face Cream , which can be applied 3-4 times in your weekly care routine, helps to shrink the pores.
5. Before the scrub application, those who wish can soften their skin with steam. The pores that are loosened by the effect of steam can be cleaned more easily. For this, you can expose your face to the steam for a few minutes by leaning over the hot water steam. For a safer application, you can cover your face with a thin cloth or towel and wait. Then you can proceed to the scrub application.

We mentioned that the most effective way of fighting for clogged skin pores is to take precautions before the problem starts and to plan a routine skin care. We also took a look at the usage details of 100% natural and effective products that will help us to open clogged skin pores. We have shared with you practical methods that you can apply at home to open pores with steam*. Alfheim Aromatherapy will continue to share with you the unique treasures and practical usage methods that nature offers to human beings. Don't forget to follow Alfheim Blog for the most natural and accurate natural personal care solutions.

*Be careful not to expose your face to excessive heat while opening pores with steam.

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