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What is Aura? What Are Aura Colors and Their Meanings?

Jul 15, 2023

Aura Nedir? Aura Renkleri ve Anlamlar─▒ Nelerdir?

What is Aura? What Are Aura Colors and Their Meanings?

Have you ever been around someone who made you feel uncomfortable? Or have you come across someone you feel like you've known for years, even though you've just met? Have you ever felt uncomfortable being somewhere for no reason? If your answer to all these and more is yes, it means you can read the energy around you very well. And your hunch is giving you signals that things are not going well or that they are going very well.

Everyone, everything, every living and even inanimate objects radiate energy around them. When our auras and premonitions meet with these energies, they give us feedback about what is going on and the true nature of the person or thing in front of us. 

The answer to the question of what is an aura has been the subject of many years of research. But if you want to learn what aura is and what aura colors and their meanings are, be sure to take a look at the aura and aura colors guide we have prepared for you.

What is Aura? What Does Aura Mean?

We call the aura the colored electromagnetic layer that surrounds our entire body, which our body reveals when it expresses our inner feelings.

The concept of aura dates back to the Middle Ages. We have been asking the question of what is the aura ever since the artists of the period, especially the painters, defined the aura as "the light that surrounds the body". Aura is a beam of energy made up of our feelings that we radiate when communicating with other people.

The aura represents the different layers of the human being, so we can keep our aura bright and clean by taking good care of both our mind and body and soul, by trying different therapies, or by using herbs and aromatherapy oils. Read on to find out what Aura means and what you wonder about Aura cleansing.

Is the aura real?

Although there is no scientific proof, traditional practices and different philosophies believe that the aura is real. When we ask if the aura is real, we need to remember that everything has an energy. Considering that everything that exists reflects its spiritual and bodily energies around it, we are also approaching the idea that the aura can be real.

Not everyone believes that the aura reflects one's true self. It accepts that there is more radiated energy. It may not be the right approach to understand whether someone is good or bad by looking at their aura.

Does everyone have an aura?

Every living person has a layer of energy surrounding his body. Trees, flowers, animals, even immobile objects are said to radiate energy. However, this does not mean that everyone and everything has an aura that is seen and felt. Most researchers and scientists think we don't have enough technology yet to answer the question, does everyone have an aura?

What does the aura look like?

The appearance of the aura is said to change depending on how it is photographed. There are many people who believe that the energy emitted by some people can be captured in the photograph, in the shots taken with very sensitive cameras that can perceive what is beyond the eye. Such cameras and camcorders capture the energy layer with their sensitive sensors, and after passing this image through various algorithms, they assign a color to the energy. This color reveals what we call the aura color of people.

What is Aura Color? Aura Color Meanings

It is said that each layer of your aura is represented by a different color. The scarcity, abundance and relationships of these colors are like proof of how complex people are emotionally, spiritually and physically. If you are very stressed, ill, some of your aura colors will become dim. If your energy is high, it will shine.

It is also believed that each aura color is linked to a chakra in your body. Chakras are energy points in your body. Whichever chakra is dominant, the matching aura color will appear brighter.

There are many ways to learn aura color. For example, you can meet with an energy healer who takes aura photos, you can read your own aura as we will explain in a moment, or you can find out your aura color with numerous tests you can find on the internet. Each aura color has its own characteristics. For example, red indicates an energetic and fiery person, while yellow indicates someone who is cheerful, charismatic and self-confident.

If you're interested in aura colors and their meanings, we can take a look at some of the basic aura colors.

Yellow aura color and properties

Have you ever met someone who filled you with joy when you first met? It is very likely that that person has a yellow aura color. At the beginning of the yellow aura color characteristics, the person has happiness and is a balanced person. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, between the belly button and the rib cage. Yellow aura color also represents a playful spirit, high self-confidence, spiritual awakening, high intelligence.

Green aura color and properties

The green aura color becomes visible as a result of self-love. If the dominant color of the aura is green, it is almost certain that one will fall in love with someone who balances them. People with green aura color are kind and loving towards animals, plants, family and friends.

Pink aura color and its properties

Owners of pink aura color do not hesitate to love themselves and those around them, just like people with green aura color. People with a pink aura usually have romantic, instinctive, sweet personalities. Pink aura features include that people with this aura color are sensitive people.

Red aura color and its properties

The red aura color associated with the Root Chakra, which is considered the root of our individual being, signals a striking and passionate aura. The Root Chakra develops during the first seven years of our life and represents our instincts, strength, security. With the red aura color, you take root, gather your courage and take action. Shades of red often appear in everyone's aura.

Purple aura color and its properties

Purple is one of the most intriguing aura colors. It can appear at any time of the day and disappear at the same rate. Purple, which is the most important of the chakra colors, does not leave behind the people with strong intuition. People with purple aura color that helps to reveal the potential of those around them are generally artistically talented.

Blue aura color and properties

Blue is one of the most undertones among the aura colors. Associated with expression and communication skills, the blue aura color is represented by the Throat Chakra. A person with a blue aura is generally calm, protective of their loved ones, and they become their family's safe harbor.

Orange aura color and properties

Oranges are always chasing change. Their only condition is that everything is as they wish. Orange aura color represents happiness in one's relationship with family, friends and close circle. These people make friends quickly, and their negative and positive feelings are often shaped by the energy of the people around them.

Black aura color and features

Black aura color, which is one of the most misunderstood aura colors, does not indicate a dark, depressed mood as it is thought. Very few people come across a truly black aura. When black aura color is seen, that person can be said to be full of anger or mourning. He may still be resentful of an evil done to him. Black aura color can also indicate poor health rather than depressive thoughts.

White aura color and properties

As the rarest aura color, the white aura represents high spiritual feelings, purity, and purity. The color of the white aura, which is believed to be nourished by universal energy, can show that that person is innocent, generous, humble, has high spiritual feelings, and may even be a healer.

Silver aura color and properties

Silver aura color, which is one of the metallic auras, is also very rare like white. People with the silver aura color are highly intelligent, wise, and have strong ties to divine powers. Silver aura color is associated with terms such as growth, abundance, mystery, trust and cosmic forces.

Bronze aura color and properties

People who are detached from the world, quiet and shy are very likely to have a bronze aura color. They do not have a problem of mixing with society or communicating frequently. But they may also have wisdom beyond their time.

How to Find Aura Color Aura Color Calculator

You can find your own aura by looking in a mirror against a white background. Make sure that there is a white wall behind you and try to focus by looking at the point in the middle of your forehead in the mirror. Slowly scan around your head and shoulders in the mirror without moving your eyes. After a while, you will begin to see a color surrounding your shoulders above you. Here you have found your aura color.

Another way is to find aura color by looking at your hands for a minute. Look carefully at your hands and note the color that forms around them. If you fail to do both of these methods on the first try, you should keep trying.

You can also find your aura color with many aura finding tests on the internet. In these tests, the person is asked about their personality traits, preferences and habits in various subjects. It is up to you to believe the result is correct or not.

Or you can leave the job of taking aura photography to the professionals and get support from people who have been doing this job for years.

How to Clear the Aura?

The energies we receive from others can upset the balance of our aura. This causes us to feel tired, anxious or depleted. These signs indicate that it is time to do aura cleansing.

Bathing with Himalayan salt is one of the best ways to cleanse our energy shield. Burning white sage or getting help from aromatic oils are also good options for aura cleansing.

Taking a bath

Fill the tub and drip Alfheim Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Essential Oil or Alfheim Aromatherapy Lavender Essential Oil into it. Add some Himalayan sea salt to it. The easiest way to clean aroma with aromatic oils is to take a bath. If you wish, you can also add sandalwood, sage and rose oil to your bathing water. If you imagine that your aura is cleared in your mind while bathing with this water, you can get more successful results.

Burning Incense

One of the oldest known aura cleansing methods is to burn dried white sage incense. You can clear your aura by burning white sage leaves and circulating the smoke over you. You can also use sage, rosemary, and cedarwood. You can also clean the bad energy around you by putting the medicinal herbs in a container, dripping lemongrass oil on it, and then burning it.

Meditation with Candles

Light your incense and place a lit candle at eye level. Maintain eye contact with the candle for a while, imagining that you are clearing your energy. If you put a drop of Alfheim Aromatherapy Peppermint Essential Oil on it after blowing out the candle, you can clean the air in the room much more quickly.

Alfheim Aromatherapy Oils That Can Be Used For Aura Cleansing

Using Alfheim Aromatherapy Oils while cleansing your aura or energy will make a big difference in your journey of change. These types of oils help you open up to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change because they are nature's powerful chemicals. Oils with healing power will make a great contribution to you at the end of your therapy when you choose the right oil.

Alfheim Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil has a relaxing effect thanks to the menthol it contains. If you feel that you are in an anxious energy, you can gently inhale the fragrance of peppermint oil and meditate, imagining that you are clearing your aura color.

Alfheim Aromatherapy Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil, which is said to improve the quality of life, is frequently used in aura cleansing rituals. Helping to stabilize the mood, lavender oil helps to clear the aura affected by different energies.

Alfheim Aromatherapy Bergamot Essential Oil

If your aura color has started to turn into a pessimistic color or you are feeling sad or angry because of the energies around you, you can do aura cleansing by incorporating bergamot oil, which has a soothing effect, into your therapies.

Alfheim Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus oil, which regulates breathing, helps more oxygen enter the body, reduces stress and anxiety, energizes the body. Eucalyptus oil, which you can use while cleansing the aura or by gently massaging your neck, is also suitable for use with other energizing aromatic oils.

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